Is Glen Powell Single or Dating? Who is Glen Powell?

by Moore Martin

Is Glen Powell Single or Dating

Is Glen Powell Single or Dating

In a recent interview, Glen Powell confirmed that he is currently single, dispelling any rumors about his relationship status. This revelation has sparked curiosity among fans about the renowned actor’s personal life and career trajectory.

Glen Powell’s Relationship Status

Glen Powell has explicitly stated that he is not romantically involved with anyone at present. Despite his previous relationships with notable personalities like Nina Dobrev, Renee Bargh, and Gigi Paris, Powell has chosen to prioritize self-growth and career advancement over pursuing a new romance.

Factors such as his demanding schedule as an actor and the challenges of maintaining privacy in the public eye likely contribute to his decision to remain single. Moreover, his past experiences, including a breakup with Gigi Paris in April 2023, may have influenced his current stance on relationships.

Who is Glen Powell?

Glen Powell, an American actor, has made a name for himself through his versatility and charm on both television and the silver screen. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Powell kickstarted his acting journey with minor roles in films such as “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over” and “Fast Food Nation.”

Name Glen Powell Jr.
Born October 21, 1988
Age 35 Years
Place of Birth Austin, Texas, U.S.
Education University of Texas at Austin
Occupation Actor
Years Active 2003–present

Nina Dobrev

One of Powell’s notable relationships was with actress Nina Dobrev, which began amid speculation in January 2017. Despite their public appearances and mutual admiration, the couple reportedly took a break due to Dobrev’s busy schedule. Nevertheless, they maintained a friendly relationship even after their split.

Renee Bargh

Following his breakup with Nina Dobrev, Powell was linked to Australian TV host Renee Bargh. Their romance garnered attention, especially when they were seen together at Powell’s ’80s-themed 30th birthday party. However, their relationship was short-lived, and Bargh confirmed her single status approximately a year later.

Gigi Paris

Powell’s most recent and publicized relationship was with model Gigi Paris. Despite their affectionate gestures and public appearances, their relationship faced challenges due to the long-distance nature of Powell’s filming commitments. This ultimately led to their breakup in April 2023.

Glen Powell’s Career

Glen Powell’s journey in the entertainment industry reflects his versatility, talent, and commitment to his craft. He has portrayed diverse characters across various genres, leaving a lasting impression on audiences and critics alike.

Versatility and Talent

Powell’s career trajectory showcases his ability to tackle roles ranging from comedy to drama with ease. His charismatic on-screen presence and ability to connect with audiences have earned him recognition as a rising star in Hollywood.

Noteworthy Performances

From portraying astronaut John Glenn in “Hidden Figures” to showcasing his comedic chops in “Set It Up,” Powell has consistently delivered standout performances that highlight his range as an actor.

Glen Powell’s Physical Attributes

Standing at 6 feet tall, Powell possesses a commanding presence that complements his acting skills. His stature enhances his ability to portray characters with confidence and authority, adding depth to his performances.


As of 2024, Glen Powell is 35 years old, indicating a stage in his career where he continues to evolve as an actor while embracing new challenges and opportunities for growth.


Glen Powell’s confirmation of his single status sheds light on his commitment to personal growth and career development. As he continues to captivate audiences with his talent and charisma, fans eagerly anticipate his future endeavors on both the big and small screens.


  1. Is Glen Powell currently dating anyone?No, Glen Powell confirmed in a recent interview that he is single and not dating anyone at the moment.
  2. Who has Glen Powell dated in the past?Glen Powell has been romantically linked to actresses Nina Dobrev and Renee Bargh, as well as model Gigi Paris.
  3. What are some of Glen Powell’s notable career achievements?Glen Powell has starred in various successful projects, including “Scream Queens,” “Hidden Figures,” “Top Gun: Maverick,” and “Anyone but You.”
  4. What is Glen Powell’s height?Glen Powell stands at a height of 6 feet (1.83 meters), adding to his commanding presence on screen.
  5. How old is Glen Powell?As of 2024, Glen Powell is 35 years old, born on October 21, 1988.

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