Is Janna Dominguez Pregnant In 2023? Who is Janna Dominguez?

by Moore Martin

Is Janna Dominguez pregnant

In this article, we will delve into the world of Janna Dominguez, a well-known actress, host, and comedian from the Philippines. Not only will we explore her career and personal life, but we’ll also address the viral rumors circulating about her potential pregnancy and recent weight gain. The internet is buzzing with questions about Janna Dominguez in 2023, and we’re here to provide you with all the details.

Who is Janna Dominguez?

Janna Dominguez rose to fame for her role as Maria in the popular sitcom “Pepito Manaloto.” Beyond her acting career, she shares a rich history with her previous partner, actor, and model Mickey Ablan. The couple has four children together, creating a happy family life in the public eye. However, tragedy struck in October 2023 when Dominguez faced the unexpected loss of her daughter, Yzabel, due to an unspecified illness. This heartbreaking event left her family and fans devastated.

Janna Dominguez’s Response

On her Instagram page, Janna Dominguez shared the tragic news of her daughter’s passing and expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support from friends, family, and fans during this difficult time. Since then, Dominguez has kept a relatively low profile, focusing on her healing and recovery.

The Weight Gain Speculations

In recent times, observant fans and internet users have noticed a change in Janna Dominguez’s appearance. Some have pointed out that she has gained a little weight, sparking curiosity and speculation about the possibility of her being pregnant.

Clues From Social Media

The rumors gained momentum when Janna Dominguez shared a picture of herself on her Instagram story wearing a flowy dress. Observant followers began to speculate that she might be concealing something beneath her clothing, leading to questions about whether she was expecting another child. Interestingly, the image was later removed from her story, adding to the intrigue surrounding her pregnancy.

Additionally, a video on Dominguez’s YouTube account, where she demonstrated her cosmetic routine, fueled the speculations. In the video, she appeared to have more curves, thanks to the black top she was wearing, which accentuated a slight bulge in her midsection.

Janna Dominguez’s Response

Despite the growing speculations and comments from fans suggesting she might be pregnant, Janna Dominguez has not confirmed nor denied these reports. She has also refrained from sharing any images or videos showcasing her growing belly or hinting at the possibility of a new pregnancy.

It’s essential to note that these rumors may be rooted in assumptions and well-wishes from her followers who want to see her find happiness again after the tragic loss of her daughter, Yzabel.


In conclusion, the internet has been buzzing with speculations about Janna Dominguez’s pregnancy in 2023, fueled by her recent weight gain and subtle hints on social media. However, as of now, Dominguez has not addressed or confirmed these rumors. The world continues to watch and support her journey, hoping for her happiness and recovery.


1. Is Janna Dominguez pregnant in 2023?

At the moment, there is no official confirmation regarding Janna Dominguez’s pregnancy. Speculations are based on her recent weight gain and subtle hints on social media.

2. What happened to Janna Dominguez’s daughter, Yzabel?

Janna Dominguez tragically lost her daughter, Yzabel, in October 2023 due to an unspecified illness.

3.  Has Janna Dominguez made any public statements about the pregnancy rumors?

No, Janna Dominguez has not addressed or confirmed the pregnancy rumors as of now.

4. How is Janna Dominguez coping with the loss of her daughter?

Janna Dominguez has maintained a low profile, focusing on her recovery and healing after the loss of her daughter, Yzabel.

5. Where can I get more updates on Janna Dominguez’s life and career?

You can stay updated on Janna Dominguez’s life and career by following her on her official social media accounts and checking for news from reputable sources.Get Access Now: [](

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