Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive Who is Pearl Fernandez?

by Glenn Maxwell

The content discusses Are Gem Fernandez Still Alive to look for the truth behind the report.

The terrible murder of Gabriel Fernandez from California, U . S , isn’t undetected through the world. This tragic dying of the eight-year-old made a significant splash in news reports and headlines in 2013. The storyline was the main focus of individuals around the world, from Canada in addition to Australia.

The suspect wasn’t someone different then Gem Fernandez, who is actually mom from the victim. Then Gem was arrested after being in prison for charges. But, she’s located on the news.

Is Gem Fernandez Still Alive? Could they be rumours or perhaps is there some factual basis into it? Continue studying to find out more.

Who’s Gem Fernandez?

Gem Fernandez may be the prime suspect in addition to her lover Isauro Aguirre was in prison for allegedly assaulting and torturing an eight-year-old boy, which brought the dying of his boy. Mom-in-law of Gabriel Fernandez, who had been discovered accurate May 24, 2013.

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Based on sources he was tortured and mistreated for any extended time through the mother Gem and her lover Isauro Aguire. Aguire was granted the physical child custody of his parents.

But Is Gem Fernandez Still Alive? Is there any basis towards the rumors that they was burnt reside in the prison?

We’ll achieve the reality later on.

A Gist Concerning The Situation

Gem Fernandez is Gabriel Fernandez’s mother. She and her lover Isauro Aguirre received Gabriel’s child custody. Within the eight several weeks he what food was in the house of his mother, Gabriel was physically and psychologically tortured physically. Based on sources the victim was assaulted around the 22nd of May 2013 which brought to his dying in only 2 days.

Is Gem Fernandez Still Alive ?

Gem in addition to her companion have been discovered guilty. Within the finish, as the jury handed lower Isauro to become performed and sentenced the defendant into San Quentin Condition Prison, Gem was sentenced to existence imprisonment without parole. By the most recent news Gem is within prison in the California’s Chowchilla Condition Women’s Prison.

What concerning the fact that they was burned within the prison? After performing an intensive study, we couldn’t uncover any evidence or evidence for the similar. Therefore, the problem remains not obvious.

Based on reports the lady accepted towards the crime and it was purchased with a juror to become imprisoned for existence for that murder of her boy who had been biologically adopted. Therefore, now you ask , Gem Fernandez Still Alive isn’t obvious and certainly is really a hoax story with no evidence to aid it.

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Final Conclusion

Gem Fernandez was charged with murder in the process of intentional and first-degree murder in 2013. The victim’s mother confessed that they was guilty and also the jury charged her to existence imprisonment without parole. Based on the latest news reports she’s presently in Cal’s Chowchilla Condition Women’s Prison.

But, there’s been no official bulletins released by prison officials or even the media to verify the demise of Gem Fernandez. Therefore, Is Gem Fernandez Still Alive? is really a definite yes and she’s still imprisonment. Find out more about the storyline here.

What exactly are your ideas around the terrible incident? Share your ideas and ideas around within the box below for comments.

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