Is Victor Consunji Gay? Who is Victor Consunji? Who is Victor Consunji’s Partner?

by Moore Martin

Is Victor Consunji Gay

In the world of sensational rumors and speculations, the question of Victor Consunji’s sexual orientation has surfaced frequently. The elusive nature of his personal life has left many wondering about his relationship status. Let’s delve into the life of Victor Consunji and explore the details surrounding his sexuality and his partner.

Victor Consunji’s Sexual Orientation

Victor Consunji, a prominent figure in the Philippine construction and real estate industry, keeps his private life well-guarded. While there have been speculations and rumors about his personal life, there is no concrete information available to confirm his sexual orientation. This ambiguity surrounding his sexuality has sparked conversations and speculations.

Victor Consunji is widely recognized for his career as a property developer and businessman, inheriting his family’s legacy in construction and real estate. Notably, he was previously married to model and television host Maggie Wilson, with whom he shares a son named Connor. However, after their separation in 2021, Victor has maintained a relatively low profile, keeping his personal life away from the spotlight.

Who is Victor Consunji?

Victor Consunji is a key figure in the world of Philippine construction and real estate. He is the Founder and CEO of Victor Consunji Development Corp, a company known for its innovative approach to real estate development. As a third-generation heir to the Consunji family legacy, which includes his late grandfather David Consunji, Victor brings fresh perspectives and groundbreaking ideas to the family business.

One of the most notable achievements of his company, VCDC, is the introduction of M Residences, a concept emphasizing flexibility in real estate development. Victor also plays a role as a director at DMCI, further expanding his influence within the construction empire. His exceptional contributions to the industry have earned him recognition as one of Asia’s most influential individuals, especially in the real estate and hospitality sectors.

Victor Consunji’s Net Worth

Victor Consunji’s financial success is undeniable. His net worth is estimated to be around $15 million, primarily stemming from his career in the construction and real estate development industry. As the Founder and CEO of Victor Consunji Development Corp, he has been involved in various real estate projects and business ventures, which have significantly contributed to his substantial wealth.

Who is Victor Consunji’s Partner?

Victor Consunji’s partner is Rachel Carrasco, an entrepreneur who has gained attention for her co-founding of the all-bacon snack brand Baken. Their relationship became publicly known when they shared a precious family moment on social media, presenting their newborn baby. This moment marked the beginning of their life together as a family, and it was warmly received by their followers.

Who is Rachel Carrasco?

Rachel Carrasco is a distinguished Filipina marketing entrepreneur with a remarkable career in the field of marketing and brand strategy. Starting from humble beginnings in the Philippines, she ventured to Singapore in 2012 to refine her marketing skills while working for global giants such as LVMH and Kimberly Clark. Rachel’s unwavering passion for storytelling and branding led her to establish her own brand and marketing agency called Rache in 2017.

Through Rache, she had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned luxury brands, including Diageo, TWG Tea, and Hilton Luxury Group. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Rachel Carrasco co-founded Baken in 2018, an innovative brand specializing in all things bacon, from crisps to jam, cookies, and bacon brittle. Baken quickly gained popularity in Singapore, the Philippines, and Australia due to its unique bacon-focused offerings.

Name Victor Consunji
Role Founder and CEO of VCDC
Background Third-generation scion in the Consunji family, known for DMCI construction
Company Victor Consunji Development Corp.
Notable Work Innovative real estate development, M Residences
Association Director at DMCI
Achievements Distinguished Bedan Award in Business from San Beda College Alumni Association

Is Victor Consunji Gay – FAQs

1. Is Victor Consunji openly gay?

No, Victor Consunji’s sexual orientation is unknown, and he prefers to keep his personal life private.

2. What is Victor Consunji known for in the business world?

Victor Consunji is well known in the construction and real estate development industry as the Founder and CEO of Victor Consunji Development Corp.

3. How did Victor Consunji gain recognition?

Victor Consunji earned recognition as one of Asia’s most influential individuals, particularly in the real estate and hospitality sectors.

4. Who is Victor Consunji’s new partner?

Victor Consunji’s new partner is Rachel Carrasco, an entrepreneur and co-founder of the all-bacon snack brand Baken.

5. What are Rachel Carrasco’s career highlights?

Rachel Carrasco’s career highlights include founding her marketing and brand strategy agency, working with luxury brands, and co-founding the successful all-bacon snack brand, Baken.

For those interested in learning more about Victor Consunji, his career, and his life with Rachel Carrasco, stay tuned for further updates and insights. To keep up with the latest news and trending stories.

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