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by Moore Martin

Janaina Prazeres Plastic Surgery Before and After

Janaina Prazeres, a Brazilian model, embarked on a transformative journey through extensive plastic surgery procedures, spending approximately $300,000 to achieve her desired look. This article delves into the details of Janaina Prazeres’ plastic surgery before and after, exploring the procedures she underwent and shedding light on who she is.


The pursuit of beauty has led many individuals to consider plastic surgery as a means to enhance their appearance. Janaina Prazeres is one such individual who decided to invest significantly in cosmetic treatments to attain her desired look. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of plastic surgery.

Janaina Prazeres: A Plastic Surgery Transformation

Before undergoing various cosmetic procedures, Janaina Prazeres had her unique features and body shape. However, she chose to undergo a series of plastic surgeries to achieve a significant transformation. Her journey showcases the possibilities that modern plastic surgery can offer.

The Extensive Procedures

Janaina Prazeres didn’t hold back when it came to transforming her appearance. Her extensive procedures included:


Liposuction is a common procedure to remove excess fat from specific areas of the body. Janaina opted for liposuction to sculpt her figure.

Nose Jobs

She underwent not one but two nose jobs to refine the shape of her nose, highlighting the importance of facial aesthetics.

Breast Augmentation

Janaina chose breast augmentation to enhance her bust, a popular choice among those seeking to improve their body proportions.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure designed to give the buttocks a fuller and more lifted appearance. Janaina embraced this trend in plastic surgery.

Facial Fillers

Facial bioplasty using fillers was another step in her journey to enhance her facial features and achieve a more youthful look.

Rib Removal

Janaina went to the extent of removing a rib bone, a unique and bold step in her pursuit of an ideal appearance.

The combination of these procedures resulted in a remarkable transformation, allowing Janaina to attain the look she desired.

Who is Janaina Prazeres?

Janaina Prazeres is a Brazilian model who gained recognition after being voted the ‘Perfect Woman’ by Playboy in Norway. With a substantial following on Instagram, she has over 53,900 devoted followers who admire her striking appearance. Janaina’s belief in the transformative power of beauty and her choice to undergo extensive plastic surgery procedures set her apart.

Janaina Prazeres’ Age

At 35 years old, Janaina Prazeres has made a name for herself in the world of fashion and beauty. Her age aligns with her experiences and choices, including her decision to undergo various plastic surgery procedures to achieve her desired appearance.

Janaina Prazeres’ Career

Primarily known for her modeling career, Janaina gained significant recognition when she was voted the ‘Perfect Woman’ by Playboy in Norway. Her striking appearance and the substantial following on Instagram reflect her influence in the world of fashion and beauty. Her commitment to maintaining her beauty and appearance through cosmetic surgery aligns with her belief that beauty can lead to a better life. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of mental health by regularly attending therapy sessions.

Janaina Prazeres’ Achievements

Janaina Prazeres’ most notable achievement is being voted the ‘Perfect Woman’ by Playboy in Norway. This recognition from a famous adult magazine is a significant accomplishment in the modeling industry. Her substantial following on Instagram, with more than 53,900 followers, showcases her influence and popularity in the world of fashion and beauty. Her dedication to enhancing her appearance through cosmetic surgery is another aspect of her journey and personal achievement, as it aligns with her belief that beauty plays a vital role in leading a better life. Additionally, her commitment to mental well-being and regular therapy sessions reflects her understanding of the importance of self-care and self-love.


Janaina Prazeres’ journey of plastic surgery before and after is a remarkable testament to the transformative power of cosmetic procedures. Her story highlights the choices individuals make to enhance their beauty and the impact of these choices on their lives. Janaina’s achievements and influence in the modeling industry further emphasize the importance of self-confidence and self-care.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What plastic surgeries did Janaina Prazeres undergo?

Janaina Prazeres had liposuction, nose jobs, breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, facial fillers, and rib removal.

2. Who is Janaina Prazeres?

Janaina Prazeres is a 35-year-old Brazilian model known for being Playboy’s ‘Perfect Woman’ in Norway, with a large Instagram following.

3. How old is Janaina Prazeres?

Janaina Prazeres is 35 years old and has made a name for herself in the world of fashion and beauty.

4. What is Janaina Prazeres’ career?

Janaina Prazeres is primarily a model, gaining recognition as the ‘Perfect Woman’ by Playboy. She has over 53,900 Instagram followers and emphasizes self-esteem and mental health.

5. What are Janaina Prazeres’ achievements?

Janaina Prazeres achieved recognition as the ‘Perfect Woman’ by Playboy and has a significant influence on Instagram.

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