Kevon Looney Injury Update: What Really Happened to Kevon Looney?

by Moore Martin

Kevon Looney Injury Update

In the fast-paced world of professional sports, injuries are an unfortunate reality that athletes must contend with. One such athlete who recently faced this challenge is Kevon Looney, a talented player for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. In this article, we will delve into the details of Kevon Looney’s recent hip surgery, his career, and what this setback means for him and his team.

Full Name Kevon Looney
Birthdate February 6, 1996
Birthplace Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
Height 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)
Weight 222 lb (101 kg)
Position Center / Power Forward
High School Alexander Hamilton High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
College UCLA (2014–2015)
NBA Draft 2015: 1st round, 30th overall pick by the Golden State Warriors
NBA Team Golden State Warriors
Career Highlights 3× NBA champion
Family Brother and father both named Kevin
Early Recognition Named Wisconsin’s Mr. Basketball in 2014
AAU Team Milwaukee Rebels
Coach at UCLA Steve Alford

The Hip Surgery

Kevon Looney’s journey to recovery began on August 20 when he underwent hip surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right hip. This procedure was deemed necessary by the team’s medical staff, and it comes with a recovery period of 4-6 months. It’s a setback that no athlete wishes for, but it’s a testament to Looney’s determination that he’s willing to do what it takes to return to peak performance.

Kevon Looney: A Brief Introduction

Before we dive deeper into his injury and recovery, let’s get to know Kevon Looney a bit better. Standing at an impressive 6 feet 9 inches and weighing 222 pounds, Looney is a versatile player known for his ability to play as both a power forward and a small-ball center. His remarkable 7-foot-4-inch wingspan enables him to effectively defend various positions on the court.

A Glance at His Career

Kevon Looney’s career is a testament to his dedication and talent. Born on February 6, 1996, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he embarked on his basketball journey at Alexander Hamilton High School, where he began making a name for himself as a five-star recruit. His outstanding skills earned him the title of Wisconsin’s Mr. Basketball in 2014.

In the 2015 NBA Draft, he was selected as the 30th overall pick by the Golden State Warriors. From there, he quickly became an essential part of their roster, contributing significantly as both a power forward and a center. Despite some early injury setbacks, Looney evolved into a key player, showcasing his versatility in defense and agile gameplay.

Family and Roots

Kevon Looney’s roots are firmly planted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He shares a close bond with his brother and father, both named Kevin. Despite the demands of his basketball career, Looney maintains strong connections with his family, who have been a constant source of support throughout his journey.

What the Future Holds

With the surgery behind him and a dedicated rehabilitation period ahead, Kevon Looney faces a challenging road to recovery. However, the Golden State Warriors, with their depth in the roster, are well-equipped to handle his absence. Players like Draymond Green and Marreese Speights can step in and fill the void left by Looney.

In conclusion, Kevon Looney’s recent hip surgery is a setback in his career, but it’s important to remember that setbacks are often a part of an athlete’s journey. With determination and a strong support system, there’s no doubt that he will come back stronger than ever. We wish him a speedy and successful recovery.


  1. Who is Kevon Looney? Kevon Looney is a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, known for his versatility as a power forward and small-ball center.
  2. What are Kevon Looney’s key details? Born on February 6, 1996, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he stands at 6 feet 9 inches, weighs 222 pounds, and was selected 30th overall in the 2015 NBA Draft.
  3. What is Kevon Looney’s early life like? Growing up in Milwaukee, Looney played AAU basketball for the Milwaukee Rebels, earned recognition as Wisconsin’s Mr. Basketball in 2014, and was a five-star recruit at Milwaukee Hamilton High School.
  4. How has Kevon Looney’s career unfolded? Looney began his NBA career with the Golden State Warriors in 2015, overcoming early injuries to become a key player, contributing to three NBA championships and displaying resilience in crucial playoff moments.
  5. How long has Kevon Looney been playing for the Golden State Warriors? Kevon Looney has been with the Golden State Warriors since the beginning of his NBA career in 2015 and has continued to contribute to the team’s success.

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