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Know The Symptoms And Causes Of Dry Eye Syndrome!

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Dry eye is a syndrome that occurs when eyes do not moisturize themselves with proper production of tears. This makes your eyes dry and can cause other discomforts, resulting in blurry vision. Various researchers have suggested that dry eye is a disease that is called on the surface of the eyes and can be a result of multiple conditions such as a tear film not working properly. 

What is a tear film?

Before diving deeper into understanding what a dry eye is, it is crucial to know what the tear film of your eyes does. The tear film in the eyes is responsible for protecting and lubricating the surface of the eyes, ensuring proper vision. Blinking the eyes predators across the eyes stimulates several glands to keep the tier film in an optimal state. The imbalance in the equilibrium of a tear film can result in various conditions such as dry eye syndrome. This can occur when your body does not produce enough tears, or the tear film is not working properly to spread out the tear evenly in your eyes. 

Can dry eye syndrome be cured permanently? 

Although there is no permanent cure for dry eye syndrome, there are a number of options available to manage the symptoms and relieve from the associated conditions. These options can help you to keep your eyes hydrated and protect your vision. You can manage the symptoms of dry eyes by removing or minimizing the environmental factors that trigger or hamper your tear film. This can help to maintain an adequate functioning of the tear film and proper moisturization. Furthermore, individuals can also use eye masks for dry eyes to calm the burning sensation then their eyes and feel relaxed. 

However, there can also be some underlying causes due to which your eyes are getting dry, and it is best to pay a visit to a doctor to resolve the issues. 

What are the common symptoms of dry eye syndrome? 

Poor quality of tears or decreased production of Tears in your eyes can lead to dry eye syndrome. Its common symptoms include: 

  1. A sensation of itchiness or scratchiness
  2. Painful Eyes
  3. Redness
  4. Mucus in or around the eyes
  5. Eyes sensitive to light
  6. Fatigued Eyes
  7. Blurred vision 

What are the reasons that cause dry eye syndrome? 

  1. Aging
  2. Certain medical conditions
  3. Environmental factors like smoke, wind, or dry air 
  4. Allergies 
  5. Wearing contact lenses
  6. Prolonged screen exposure
  7. Not blinking enough
  8. Skin conditions around the eyes
  9. Deficiency of Vitamin A Omega 3 fatty acids
  10. Other health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure 
  11. Improper functioning of oil-secreting glands in the eyes

How can you improve the symptoms of dry eyes?

Certain environmental factors, such as exposing your eyes to cigarette smoke or bike rides, can dry your eyes instantly. It is advisable for individuals suffering from dry eye syndrome to stay indoors when it’s windy outside. Moreover, it is a good idea to wear eye protection while engaging in activities like bike riding, skiing, and much more. If your surroundings, such as your bedroom, stays dry all the time, you can use a humidifier in your home to add moisture to the air. Therefore, changing your surroundings can have an instant and positive effect on the aggravating symptoms of your dry eyes. 

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