Live Roulette terms you should know

by Carter Toni

Live Roulette terms you should know

The world of live Roulette is ever growing and as more people switch to live gaming, there are a variety of things to know to ensure you have the best time online!

Something to make your live gaming experience easier is to learn live Roulette terms that you’ll see and hear often. So, read on to learn these terms and become a pro while you play live casino games at!


You may be more familiar with the term dealer, but croupier may also be used when it comes to this game – a classier description.


These are the sections of the Roulette wheel that contain the numbers. The pockets are vital – as the ball stops spinning during a game, the ball will land on a number in the pocket.

Inside bets

In a live Roulette game, there are so many bets to learn, and they come in two categories. You will see them appear on screen, so you can choose between the two betting types. Inside bets are the bets that cover the inside area of the Roulette layout, which include wagering on individual numbers or small groups. As these are more specific bets, like betting on a particular number, they have higher payouts.

Outside bets

As you can imagine, this category of betting is the complete opposite to inside bets. These are bets that are placed on the outside of the Roulette table, and cover larger areas of the wheel. An example of this would be to bet on a black or red number. As these bets are more general, their payouts are at lower odds.

House edge

This term is used in a variety of table games, but you might not have known its meaning. It’s the advantage the house (casino) has in any situation during the game, so in other terms it is the mathematical leverage that the casino holds over the player. The way that a house edge is created is by a difference in odds of any bet prize and the payout a player would receive. It is presented as a percentage, averaging the casinos prediction to keep each bet in the long run.


The marker may also be referred to as a dolly, and is a small device that is used to show the numbers or pockets that are successful. As the wheel is spun and then stops, the dealer will place a marker to represent the successful part of the table. After this, the dealer will clear all unsuccessful bets from the table before prizes are handed out.

Ball track

This is the area on the outside of the Roulette wheel, where the ball will travel before it can land in a pocket. So, will the ball travel into the pocket you’ve wagered on?

With these key words, you could learn something new today that might benefit your next game of Live Roulette. So, become a pro today by mastering these terms!

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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