Living with Behcet’s Syndrome!

by Glenn Maxwell

Living with Behcet's Syndrome!

Individuals who exhibit symptoms such as rashes, pain in the joints, and mouth sores are more likely to suffer from a blood disorder. It is important for the patient to visit a rheumatologist in Islamabad. The specialist will perform relevant tests to diagnose the disease. The complete physical examination and testing will assist in evaluating the severity of the condition to provide the patient with an effective treatment plan.

Behcet’s Syndrome is a condition in which the individual suffers from the inflammation of blood vessels. It causes the patient to experience rashes and mouth sores. It can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Individuals of age eighteen to thirty-five are at a higher risk of suffering from Behcet’s Syndrome. There is no cure for the disease; however, the treatment can improve the health of the patient by allowing them to cope with the symptoms. The common symptoms of Behcet’s Syndrome are:

  • The patient suffers from mouth sores and genital sores, which cause extreme discomfort.
  • The patient can observe rashes all over the body.
  • The patient suffers from rash and discomfort in the eyes. It causes excessive watering and may hinder the overall functioning of the person by causing anxiousness.
  • The patient can notice changes in their skin. The acne breakout along with rashes is a prominent symptom of Behcet Syndrome.
  • The red lumps become visible all over the skin.
  • The excessive watering of the eyes leads to redness and light sensitivity.

Known Causes of Behcet’s Syndrome:

The known causes of Behcet’s syndrome include:

  • It is an autoimmune illness; the normal cells are attacked by the immune system. The exact reason of the disorder is unknown. However, the factors that may lead to the disease are:
  • Genetic and environmental factors play a prominent role in triggering the condition. A virus can also be the cause behind the occurrence of the illness.
  • Individuals living in middle-eastern countries of age eighteen to thirty0fuve are at a higher risk of suffering from Behcet’s Syndrome.

Complications Associated with Behcet’s Syndrome

Behcet’s Syndrome can lead to:

  • The patients are at a higher risk of suffering from uveitis. It can cause irreversible vision-related problems.
  • The patient is at a higher risk of suffering from a stroke and vascular disease; due to hindrance in the blood flow to the brain.
  • The patient is at a higher risk of suffering from lung and kidney diseases due to blood clotting in the arteries and vessels.

Tests for Diagnosing Behcet’s Syndrome

The tests that assist in diagnosing an individual with Behcet’s syndrome are:

  • Evaluation of Family History and Physical Examination: The specialist will conduct a thorough physical examination to check the red lumps, rashes, and sores to evaluate the severity of the condition. The family history can help the specialist understand the cause of the disease.
  • Pathergy Test: The test helps check the formation of the red lumps by examining the skin sample.

Self-Care Steps and Dietary Guidelines

The patient must apprehend their state and take steps to enhance their quality of life.

  • The patient must engage in light physical activities to reduce joint pain and inflammation.
  • The patient should avoid going out in the summers.
  • The patient should enter support group program. It helps them function adequately as it helps reduce anxiety.
  • The patient should avoid consuming processed food and sugary items. It can lead to obesity, which may worsen the condition and cause further complications.
  • The patient should consume food enriched with omega 3, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, such as almonds, spinach, and soybeans.

The individuals who feel that their condition is worsening must consult a rheumatologist in Lahore. The specialist will conduct tests and provide intervention to help the patient cope with their condition without further complications. It will help the patient improve their physical and mental health and enhance their overall performance in personal and professional life.

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