We have many reasons for not spending too much on flooring. When we look for an affordable option, it does not mean we are ready to compromise on the quality. Sometimes, it requires us to have insight and knowledge about certain things that can help us choose a perfect basement option for us that not only meets our needs but also not too heavy on our wallet. This guide is intended to help beginners who usually struggle because of not being able to choose a floor that is considerably cheap

Use laminate wood planks:

Hardwood flooring is no doubt, an expensive option and not suitable for those looking for a budget friendly way to lay down their basement. However, if you are in love with hardwood floor look, you can go with laminated wood planks. They have the same amount of shine as a traditional hardwood floor has. In addition to it, since they are laminated, they are very easy to clean and maintain. You don’t have to spend too much time on it in attempt to making it look like an expensive flooring option. Visit Victorian Designer floor at and find out which option is most suitable for you

Go for cork:

Cork is a newly introduced material in the market which is eco-friendly and is being used as an alternative of the hardwood since it is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. People can install the cork floor easily without putting extra efforts. It is relatively softer than other flooring options which are good for those who need soft flooring. It is important to remember that softness can be a downside also because soft tiles are vulnerable to damages. Due to this, their life span is shorter

Try ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles are being used across the world very commonly because they are pocket friendly and also very attractive. However, they are not too strong to endure high traffic. Tiles also require frequent cleaning but they are very easy to clean. Using a wet mop can simply do the job. If you want to use ceramic tiles, remember that you will be required to pay extra money to professionals for doing the job of tile cutter.

Go for carpets:

Carpets are considered as one of the top prioritised options for many home owners. They are available in different colours, sizes and price range. In addition to being cheap, carpets are very easy to maintain. All you need to do is vacuum them daily and they will last for many years.

You can also stylise your house with carpets by choosing a right colour, type and shade. In addition to concealing the ugly looking floor of your house, carpets have the tendency to accentuate the artistic design of your house.

Even if you have to choose something that is not too heavy on your wallet, try not to compromise on the quality as there are plenty of such options that are cheap and durable at the same time.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff