Love In The Wild Season 1 Where Are They Now? Relationship Status and Life Updates of the Contestants!

by Moore Martin

Love In The Wild Season 1 Where Are They Now

Ever wondered what happened to the participants of ‘Love In The Wild’ Season 1? Here’s an update on their lives, revealing who found lasting love, who pursued their careers, and who opted for a more private life away from the limelight.

Mike and Samantha: Keeping the Love Alive

Mike and Samantha, the couple who discovered love on the show, are still happily married. They tied the knot in 2014 and now have two children, Aubrey and Zach. Their journey together continues to be filled with love and beautiful memories.

Miles and Heather: Thriving in California

Miles and Heather, another couple from the show, embraced their deep connection and got married. They now reside in California, where Miles works as the President at Signal Signs and Graphics, and Heather is employed at Unisoft. In 2018, they welcomed their son, Macklin.

Skip and Theresa: Different Paths, Equal Success

Skip and Theresa, who formed a bond on the show, eventually went their separate ways. Skip ventured into a successful career in real estate, holding the position of Assistant Vice President at Lattuca Services in Massachusetts. On the other hand, Theresa moved to Phoenix, Arizona, pursued a career in finance, and got married.

Derek and Jess: Separate Journeys, Thriving Lives

Derek and Jess, who once shared deep feelings, parted ways after the show. Derek pursued a career as a medical sales representative while keeping a low profile. Jess became a Senior Client Partner of Entertainment at Spotify and is happily married to Eric Berman. They now co-parent their daughter, Berekely.

Brandee Dillehay: Love and Bliss

Brandee, who didn’t find love on the show, became a Registered Nurse and married the man of her dreams. She currently resides in Nashville with her spouse and two children, leading a blissful life.

Benjamin “Ben” Hooker: Keeping It Low-Key in South Carolina

Ben, who didn’t establish a lasting connection on the show, returned to his life in South Carolina, maintaining a low profile. Not much is known about his personal and professional life at this time.

Erica Scherle: Real Estate Professional and Proud Mother

Although Erica didn’t find her match on the show, she pursued a career as a Real Estate Portfolio Manager in Nashville, Tennessee. She is also a proud mother to her French bulldog, Winston.

Steele Dewald: Golfing and Real Estate Success

Steele, who left the show without a partner, continued his career as a professional golfer and a real estate agent in Park City, Utah. He even owns his real estate agency and offers golf instruction at Jeremy Ranch Golf & Country Club.

Jessica Soares: Fashion Blogger

Jessica, who didn’t reciprocate feelings for a fellow contestant, embarked on a career as a fashion blogger after the show. She has since maintained a low profile while exploring other avenues of professional success.

Adam Rose: Pursuing a Career as a Bouncer

Adam, who faced challenges on the show, worked as a bouncer at Barrett’s Alehouse after the series. Details about his current endeavors are limited, but fans hope he is finding success in his chosen path.

Kym Nguyen: Hairstylist and Fitness Enthusiast

Kym, who didn’t find lasting love on the show, continued her career as a hairstylist. She initially shared her fitness journey on social media but has since withdrawn from the public eye.

Vanessa Guerrero: Multifaceted Success

Vanessa, who encountered various twists and turns on the show, embarked on a multifaceted career. She now works as a lawyer, real estate developer, investor, property manager, and entrepreneur. Vanessa is also happily married and a mother of three.

Peter Paris: A Private Life in California

Peter, who didn’t find the right connection on the show, has chosen to keep a low profile after the series. He returned to his life in California and has stayed out of the public eye.

Jared Ines: A Quiet Presence with a Loyal Fan Base

Jared, who faced challenges on the show, has opted to maintain a low profile. Nonetheless, he continues to have a dedicated fan base that supports him.

Jason Jackson: From Opera to Sales

Jason, who didn’t find mutual feelings on the show, transitioned into a career in sales. While he is a trained opera singer, he prefers to stay away from reality television and mainstream media.

Dawn Christjaener: Thriving in Human Resources

Dawn, who left the show early, has been thriving as a Human Resources Director for Crisis Preparation and Recovery in Phoenix, Arizona. Despite maintaining a low profile, she has found success in her professional life.

‘Love In The Wild’ is a unique TV show where men and women form couples to compete in adventurous challenges set in exotic locations like Costa Rica and Hawaii. The show’s format involves couples participating in challenges, with the winning couple enjoying a night at the luxurious Oasis. The last unmatched man and woman face elimination.

The show’s first season premiered on June 29, 2011, and concluded on July 25, 2012. It aired on NBC, captivating viewers with its unconventional format and thrilling adventures.”

Love in the Wild Season 1 Contestants

Name Age Hometown
Samantha Woods 23 Huntington Beach, CA
Heather Pond 23 Sonoma, CA
Theresa Trujillo 24 San Jose, CA
Brandee Dillehay 25 Nashville, TN
Erica Scherle 24 Nashville, TN
Jess DeBolt 24 San Francisco, CA
Jessica Soares 23 Bridgewater, MA
Kym Nguyen 24 Quincy, MA
Vanessa Guerrero 26 Phoenix, AZ
Dawn Christjaener 27 Scottsdale, AZ
Mike Spiro 29 San Francisco, CA
Miles Haefner 28 St. Louis Park, MN
Skip Sullivan 30 Milton, MA
Ben Hooker 27 Charleston, SC
Steele Dewald 24 Scottsdale, AZ
Derek Leach 28 Venice, CA
Jason Jackson 28 San Francisco, CA
Adam Rose 25 Taunton, MA
Peter Paris 31 Venice, CA
Jared Ines 28 Los Angeles, CA

“Love In The Wild Season 1: Are They Still Together?”

1. Mike and Samantha: Love Endures

Mike and Samantha, the show’s loving couple, are still happily married, sharing their life and love story.

2. Skip and Theresa: Separate Paths

Skip and Theresa, who bonded on the show, ended up pursuing different paths, each finding success in their individual endeavors.

3. Derek and Jess: Finding Happiness Apart

Derek and Jess, despite not finding lasting love with each other, have moved on to find happiness in their separate lives, both in terms of careers and personal relationships.

4. Ben and Brandee: Divergent Journeys

Ben and Brandee, who faced their own challenges on the show, didn’t end up together. They have chosen to focus on their individual journeys and personal growth.”

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