If you have just been given fantastic news by your GP and you are ‘with child’, congrats are definitely in order. The addition to the family will be warmly welcomed by all and for a new mum, this can be overwhelming for some women; you will experience hormone changes, as your body prepares for motherhood.

Here are a few tips for new mums.

  • Skip the coffee – You are probably a coffee lover, yet the caffeine is not so good for the baby, as it is broken down slowly and some will be passed on to the fetus and there is evidence that babies are born lighter in weight when mum drinks coffee.
  • Don’t forget to exercise – Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should laze around all day; low-impact exercise relieves lower back pain, increases circulation and elevates your mood. Of course, we are talking about suitable exercises; your doctor or midwife can advise you regarding a daily exercise activity.
  • Maternity wear – You can find affordable maternity clothing from a leading Australian supplier who stocks a wide range of maternity wear for every occasion. It is important to wear comfortable clothing during your pregnancy and shopping online is very convenient.
  • Stay hydrated –It is important to stay hydrated; first-time mums need to drink more water than normal, as your body draws extra water into the placenta sac. It is advised to drink 10 glasses of water per day, especially in a hot climate. Once the baby is born, you can start a fitness program and regain your shape.
  • Enjoy massages – After the first trimester, you can enjoy a soothing massage for the lower back, which also increases blood circulation. Make sure the masseuse understands that you are pregnant, as they will know what to do and not to do.
  • Regular naps – It is certainly tiring when you are with a child and you should take short naps on a regular basis. You can’t expect the same activity and output as you would normally have and as the pregnancy progresses, you will need longer periods of rest. When the baby is born, you will have less opportunity to rest and afternoon naps are recommended, while it is also important that you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Create a birth plan – Ask any seasoned mum and she’ll confirm that making a birth plan is a good idea. Decide whether you wish to give birth at home or in hospital, plus there are many other choices you need to make. There are a lot of free online resources to help you with your birth plan, including printable sheets and other free downloadables.
  • Balanced diet – You do need a diet that is rich in calcium; talk to your doctor and he or she can help you prepare a balanced diet with fresh fruit and vegetables.

This is an exciting time and by taking the above into consideration, we hope that your pregnancy is an enjoyable one. It might seem a little daunting as your first time, but you will find that you take to motherhood like a duck to water.



By James Martin

Hungry Enterpreneurs