MCA in 2021: All your questions answered

by Carter Toni

A general course on computer application is still highly valued today, in spite of the growth in specialized areas. An MCA graduate will have the required skill set to be a successful professional in the IT industry. You can explore several opportunities after doing an MCA and placement will be guaranteed.

While MCA is the next obvious step after BCA for many, some colleges allow graduates from other streams to do the course. Salary packages after MCA are quite good with most graduates getting above 4.8 LPA during placements. Candidates with a good skill-set who come from reputed colleges get higher packages.

The fee for MCA can be both high and low. However, most good colleges offer a healthy return on investment, which makes the choice worth it. Colleges that are well connected to the industry offer internship opportunities to the student. It makes them industry-ready and equips them with the necessary skills to bag great packages.

To get a clearer idea, let’s first look at the career paths that open up for you after completing an MCA degree.

Top 3 career options after MCA

MCA courses are 2 years in duration, and candidates usually get lucrative jobs in the software industry after completing the course. The growth rate of the industry is quite strong. Every year more than 2.6 lakh new professionals are absorbed by this fast-growing industry.

In short, there are many job opportunities for MCA graduates. Now let’s look at some of the posts you can get after MCA.

  • Cloud Architect: This is one of the most promising prospects for MCA graduates. Salary packages for this role start above 12 lakhs and go up from there. Cloud technology is an emerging field and there is a high demand for professionals in this area.
  • Software Developer: Developers are key to all software industries as they are responsible for building, testing, running, and maintaining software products. The activity incorporates the complete life-cycle of software. The salary ranges from 6LPA and above and there is a huge scope of employment.
  • Technical Writer: The scope of employment as a technical writer has rapidly grown with the growth in the software industry. All companies offering software products are in need of technical writers to communicate the product ideas to clients and users. The salary for technical writers starts at 5 LPA with ample opportunities for growth.

Top 3 Colleges for MCA

Many private, as well as government colleges, offer MCA courses and admission can be quite competitive. Instead of looking at the fee, it makes a lot more sense to look at the return on investment. Top colleges can be expensive but the value of the degree from there is very high in the eyes of the employers.

The colleges listed below offer a great return on investment on MCA degrees in the form of both exposure and placement opportunities.

1. Christ University, Bangalore 

Christ is one of the most esteemed private universities in India with an excellent connection with the industry. In two years candidates have to pay 3 Lakhs as course fee while living and other expenses are extra. A survey conducted by the India Today group ranked the institute as the top college for MCA in India.

Moreover, the placement records at the institute are excellent, with top players in the software industry regularly hiring candidates from Christ.

2. Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology (NIET) 

NIET offers a 2 years MCA course in collaboration with Sunstone Eduversity. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity offered in collaboration with Sunstone, one of the leading placement promoters in the industry. Not only are there 400 plus recruiters already on board but also there is an option for Pay After Placement.

Candidates can choose to pay the course fee in the NIET Sunstone MCA only after securing a placement. As a result, they can study stress-free and be financially independent during the course.

3. Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) 

KIIT is one of the best private institutes for MCA in India with a great academic environment and lush green campus. The fee at KIIT is relatively higher but it is a top destination for several companies when it comes to hiring freshers.

Due to the institute’s strong professional orientation, there are many opportunities for interning with top companies. Like NIET Noida, you can trust KIIT to make you an industry-ready and robust professional.


Finally, stress must be put on the fact that employment opportunities are significantly higher if you graduate from a top institute. While all MCA graduates find good employment, graduates from top colleges bag higher positions. The process can be quite competitive overall and selection will be done on the basis of merit.

As a result, you should not only make sure that your scores are high but also stay abreast of all the crucial information to make the right decision.

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