Megaways Technology In New Slots!

by Glenn Maxwell

Modern video slots with beautiful graphics and sound, record-breaking progressive jackpots (Megaways), free spins, interactive bonus rounds, and licensed branded themes have taken online slots to a whole new level.

Most of the older online megaways slots have a limited number of reels and paylines, which tend to stay the same throughout the gameplay. However, in Megaways slot machines, the reel structure and number of lines constantly change, varying combinations with each spin of the reels to offer a unique gaming experience. Since its introduction by the provider Big Time Gaming, many of the largest online casino developers have adopted this mechanic to modernize their best slots to match today’s player requirements.

How to use our winning strategy?

This ranking provides detailed statistics and winnings forecast for slots released in 2021. The graph is built taking into account the following parameters:

  • RTP slot
  • Slot variance
  • The number of falling out of a winning combination

The RTP of the slot can only be calculated on long-term streaks (we update statistics every month). If the slot showed the percentage of return below the average for the previous period, then there is a high probability that this month the Return to Player will be higher than the value set by the provider. Hover the mouse cursor over any point on the blue chart (last nine months), and you will see what RTP was in the current period. The red line is the programmed (annual average) RTP specified by the developer.

2021 Trends in New Slots

The new slots of 2021 are exciting and appealing to casino players of all ages. They are getting brighter, more attractive, and more complex. Unique mechanics and bonus features also make the new slot machines stand out from their predecessors. The number of slot providers is constantly increasing, and to exist in the gambling industry market, they must constantly offer something new. 

This is why players are interested in new online slots:

  • Fresh new themes
  • Unique mechanics and bonus features
  • Competitive RTP
  • Bonuses for newly launched slots
  • Mobile performance

Goodbye Flash, Hello HTML5

If you are a gamer using a smartphone, you have nothing to worry about, as the end of support for Flash will not affect you too much. But if you are a gamer with a desktop personal computer, you may have noticed that some of the slots are no longer available.

Before mobile gaming became mainstream, almost every casino slot game was built using Flash. It was easy and convenient, although it had some security and performance issues even at one time. However, smartphones have become more advanced and completely changed the attitude towards gambling for money. As of January 2021, Flash has been officially declared dead, and Adobe is blocking any Flash content from running in the Flash player. In 2017, many game providers took immediate action. While some have started converting Flash applications to HTML5, others have simply abandoned their old products.

As a result, some of the older slot machines simply stopped working on desktop computers. Luckily, there are plenty of new slots to replace the canned favorites of yesteryear. In addition, many of the classic games have been redesigned with modern features and even have higher payout percentages.

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