Improving Performance in Construction

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, every industry was hard-hit by lockdown legislation and material shortages – perhaps no more than the construction industry, where all non-essential works were postponed. With the recession of the pandemic’s grip on the country, construction has bounced back significantly.

Though the construction industry is experiencing positive growth, confidence in the industry is at a record low; market volatility, rising prices and labour shortages have made for a shaky post-pandemic foundation, and falling motivation in construction employees. The market is currently difficult to read,but growth patterns suggest a return to form and a bright future for construction – leaving the issue of employee motivation. What more can you do, as a leader in construction, to re-inspire and re-invigorate your hard-working team?

Rewarding Safety

The single most important aspect of performance in construction – more important even than quality of work – is safety. Health and safety procedures are a legal requirement of all businesses, but construction presents a greater degree of risk than other vocations. Ensuring the safety of staff on site is a number one concern, but there is only so much that regular training sessions can do to inspire staff to adhere to legislation. Rewarding safe behaviour and adherence to on-site policies will see employees motivated to take greater care, making for a safer worksite overall.

Clear Communication

Productivity is only possible with communication, and this is especially true for construction. Teamwork is essential for the completion of work on time; groups of workers need to communicate with one another to complete a given task efficiently, while different departments need to work around one another’s progress. Clear and constant communication near-eliminates the possibility of misunderstandings or of worksite stalemate, ensuring teams can work effectively and efficiently.

Providing High Quality Tools

Comfort is a key asset to motivation in any construction site. Worksite safety is the main example for this, as evidenced above – but workers can also be made to feel comfortable working via the quality of tools available to them. Ensuring your workforce have access to Milwaukee tools and durable hand tools means less time spent wrestling with sub-par equipment. By using better tools, workers can not only work more efficiently but also take more pride in the work they complete.

One-on-One Time with Employees

A major motivation killer for employees in any industry is a sense of detachment from the work and from the business. Being a hands-off leader can inadvertently foster feelings like this in the workforce, where active investment in individual employees can bring out the best in them. Be sure to get one-on-one time with each employee in your team, to understand their career aspirations and cement their place in your team. By being an engaged team leader that gives a little to employees, you will get a lot back in the form of motivation.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff