On Selling, Video Letters and How Our Video Sales Letter Exists

by Carter Toni

Have you ever seen the way that marketing professionals write messages and send them over video to customers? Video letters are much more primed for social media outlets than plain old emails. Communication via video is already proven to be engaging for viewers and these video sales letters are a way for companies to one up their rivals in this marketing technique.

How 21st century video sales letters are fundamentally different than traditional video sales

In a traditional video sales letter, you’ll see a lot of storytelling and your understanding is there’s nobody really watching these videos–if they are, they’re internal shorts. At MYevideo, our approach to selling with video is far different. Our sales continents are personal, fun and educational so viewers feel like they’re getting a valuable bit of information shared in a unique way that they will never forget!

Do video sales letters still work?

Whether or not you’re a subscriber of our content doesn’t matter. If you want to see the success we’ve had with the video sales letter, all you need to do is look at the revenue numbers. Video sales letters have been the second wave of marketing, especially with social media becoming a dominant force in online marketing. One interesting idea that is being tossed around thanks to the rise of video sales letters is people trying their luck at whole new tactics such as one-on-one video calls as opposed to pre-recorded videos and/or step-by-step YouTube tutorials. This has many wondering if video calls have a new function that needs a whole new strategy.

The role of video in getting the point across quickly: audio vs visuals

The visual aspect is an important aspect in getting the point across quickly. In some cases, we may take a video to provide instructions on how it is done even though having more than one person showing different steps can be difficult to follow and remember. In any case, it’s important that visuals play a significant role in helping viewers land the message.

What is a video sales letter compared to?

There are many different types of sales letters but all of them share similar characteristics. These traits include a gritty-rough style, writing in first person present tense and using up sell techniques. It is possible to use the same tactics in traditional written sales letters with the use of clips and screen captures. This can lead to a high dopamine release that compels the reader to buy from you.In return, using video will make your audience invest more personal time into your product as they learn its benefits.


“How To Sell” is one of the most asked questions in our business. If you want to pay it forward, share around this blog post, and let people know how they can sell too. I hope you found value in this article and wish you all the best on your journey ahead!

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