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Patron Tequila Prices, Varieties & Mixed Drinks | Patron Flavor

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Patron Tequila can be a preferred label of tequila created in Mexico which was created in 1989. An original Patrón Tequila was generated by Casa 7 Leguas, among the list of earliest Mexican distilleries.

Patron tequila is produced by fermenting the fruits with the pink agave grow. The vegetation will take many years to adult, choosing approximately eight to ten yrs to get to the most suitable degree of ripeness.

The Patron has often considered a premium spirit because of how difficult it is to produce large quantities, for this reason. Client tequila is a pretty new product owning been announced within just 1989, still, they are really rapidly rising in popularity and transforming into a residence mention.

If you’ve come to this article, then you must be searching for the latest Patron Tequila prices on the internet. Besides, the Patron Tequila prices, I will also tell you the different varieties of Patron Tequila drinks and the mixed drinks that you can create using it.

Patron Tequila Selling prices

Customer Tequila costs might depend on the dimensions of the bottles that you are obtaining. The agency quite often generates a 375ml package along with a 750ml package. You will find Patron Tequila in several superstores including Target, Walgreens and Walmart Sam’s Association even more.

The Client Tequila will come in a number of adaptations for example Gran Client Burdeos, Gran Client Platinum, Gran Client Piedra, Client Silver, Client Anejo, and Client Reposado.

So, without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Patron Tequila prices.


Patron Silver Tequila 750ml $34.47


Patron Silver Tequila 750ml $46.99


Patron Silver Tequila 375ml $21.99
Patron Silver Tequila 750ml $38.99

Sam’s Club

Patron Silver Tequila 750ml $34.98


Patron Silver Tequila 375ml $23.99
Patron Silver Tequila 750ml $49.99


Patron Silver Tequila 750ml $34.95
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