Prepare for a Hot and Sexy Summer with These Must-Have Trends

by Carter Toni

Hot and Sexy Summer

The icy chill of winter is not yet near its end. Yet, we already find ourselves daydreaming about our summer wardrobe. Last year showcased many exciting and sexy trends; some continue to be big hits into 2023.

But what must-have trends are heating up those summer wardrobe daydreams? We have compiled a list of on-trend must-haves for your spring and summer 2023 wardrobe. It’s time to stop dreaming, get online, and fill that cart.

Relaxed Looks

From ankle-skimming maxi denim skirts to baggy jeans, it’s time to rock that relaxed denim look. Paired with a crop top to offset the bagginess, you’ll be strolling between coffee shops in style. Of course, the super sexy mini skirt is always a trend-beating must-have, but for this season, marry it with an oversized top. When you think summer 2023, add some sheer fabrics to your wardrobe. In particular, choose a sheer mesh dress over your skimpy shorts and lacy bra. Flaunt your sexiness this summer and feel the cool breeze against your skin.

Sexy Swimwear

The full-piece swimsuit continues its strong comeback. However, for this season, turn it up a notch. With options like sneaky revealing cutouts, flamboyant colors, and prints, the full piece has never looked so good! Cause a little head-turning frenzy with a daring micro bikini. With thin straps and cutouts barely covering your gorgeous beach body, these tiny bikinis will make a statement this summer.

Go with a striking black strappy piece or choose bold colors, and show it off because you can. Underwire makes a shape-enhancing comeback this season with its push-up inserts and vibrant block colors. Paired with high-waisted bottoms or a skimpy thong, you’ll be eager to flaunt those curves.

Colors, Textures, and Details

Pastels are here to stay, but lilac is definitely a shade to add to your collection. Tropical and fruit prints are must-haves, especially in deep jungle greens. Textured fabrics, including ruffles and fringing, flaunt your playful style. Take it a step further and include 3D details and bold single-color florals. From skimpy mini-bikinis to gorgeous one-piece swimwear, cutouts are an exciting, revealing trend, allowing you to show off tanned skin and add a touch of sexy intrigue. As society finds itself in a more liberal space, enjoy the freedom to flaunt your unique shape on the beach.

Evening Wear

Summer 2023 looks to be a super sexy season when it comes to evening wear. With boudoir-style detailing featuring plenty of lingerie-style lace and hold-up stockings, slip into something sexy for those hot summer nights out.

Florals have become bolder and more theatrical and even find themselves adorning your evening slip in three-dimensional form. And you wouldn’t want to be subtle with size; this ain’t no vintage brooch. Oversized 3D floral designs will be in full bloom this summer.

We all love a touch of pink, but how do you feel about silky candy-floss pink evening wear? Remember the silky trends of the ’90s? Well, they’re back, but this time in pastels, pinks, and soft purples.

Turn up the Heat This Summer with the Hottest Trends

Leave the daydreaming behind and update your summer wardrobe with the latest and sexiest trends for spring and summer. Be bold and colorful, but don’t be afraid to flaunt your gorgeous body and have some fun. Summer 2023 is going to be a sizzler!

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