YouTube is undeniably a platform worth checking out when in dire need of videos on almost any topic.  Not only does it allow you to watch videos for fun, but it also serves as the ideal place to connect with your target audience. However, merely starting a YouTube channel and uploading videos is not a guarantee for success.


Without making an effort to promote YouTube video, your channel is as good as dead. Some may argue that you need to dig deeper into your pockets to promote your YouTube channel.  Although there is some truth, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Below are less expensive ways to boost your YouTube ranking and gain more views.


  • Prioritize SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for the success of any digital marketing campaign, and YouTube is no different.  Keep in mind YouTube has its search algorithm, just as is the case with Google and other search engines.  No wonder you should use it to your advantage and handle the YouTube promotion expedition without added costs.


It takes time to get good at YouTube SEO, but with constant practice, you’ll conquer the field.  Keep a close eye on the performance of your YouTube videos as it always speaks volumes. That way, you can create the perfect SEO strategy for your YouTube videos.


  • Use a Call-to-Action

There’s no way viewers can do a thing on your YouTube channel if you don’t ask them to do so in the first place. No matter how high your videos are ranking on the YouTube search engine, you may fail to reap maximum benefits by ignoring a call-to-action. Ensure you make it the norm to introduce a reminder and see how things will unravel.


The trick lies in making a personal request, as it is the perfect tool to help you get subscribers to your YouTube channel.  You can even give them a tease of your next video to keep them excited and waiting. All that without spending more than budgeted for your YouTube promotion project.


  • Include Share Buttons

Another cheap way to promote YouTube video and increase viewership is to add share buttons on or near your video player.  If you deem your YouTube videos interesting, rest assured the viewers will also like them.  So, make it easy for them to share the videos and grow your audience without pushing yourself to the limits.


In Conclusion

It is possible to promote and grow your YouTube channel even when running on a tight budget.  The catch is employing the correct measures from start to finish, and you’re good to go. Use a call-to-action, create custom thumbnails, or optimize your YouTube channel for SEO.


It also pays off to hire professionals and watch as they help you generate traffic, get more views, likes, and subscribers on your YouTube channels.  That way, you can engage with the perfect audience and propel your business to greater heights without breaking the bank.


By James Martin

Hungry Enterpreneurs