Reasons Why you Should Make Switch to LED Lights:

by James Martin


We contribute to global pollution on a daily basis from our homes and offices to restaurants and malls. Lighting materials are one of the top causes of environmental pollution as it increases the consumption of carbon footprints and chlorofluorocarbon that needs to be taken care of in order to save the Earth from destruction.

With the advancement of technology comes LED (Low Emitting Diode) lights that are cost effective and improves productivity without causing much harm to the environment.

Here are a few reasons why you should switch to LED lights that can provide long-term benefits for your homes and businesses:

  1. Helps you to save money: LED lights are way more energy efficient than incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting as they last longer and reduces the electricity bills. They provide a huge financial advantage by lowering your maintenance costs and disposal fees.
  2. LED lights last longer: LED lights are most durable as compared to incandescent bulbs that lasts roughly around 1,000 hours and fluorescent bulbs that last around 8,000 hours whereas, they keep on shining for as long as 60,000 hours.
  3. They are more durable and efficient:
  • LED lights evaporates and converts heat into light with a heat sink built into the fixture that reduces the wastage as compared to incandescent bulbs that releases 90% if their energy as heat.
  • They have greater resistibility to vibrations due to lack of filament and glass enclosure than other bulbs that can’t withstand minor bumps or drops.
  • LED bulbs can last more than 10 to 15 years with a lifespan, 6 times greater than any traditional bulb.
  • they require lesser replacements as they are energy efficient and results in lower carbon emissions.
  • It ensures the Earth’s safety by minimizing the waste produced by your homes.
  • It ensures lesser cost in purchasing and installation due to its efficiency of utilization and disposal by reducing the amount of replacement required.
  1. Lesser environmental impact: LED lights produce very little infrared light and almost no UV emissions that makes them to be able to shine on sensitive objects. These lights are recyclable and are made of non-toxic materials having no mercury thus causing lesser impact on the environment.
  2. They provide higher quality lighting: High quality LED Light bulbs are way more polished and enhanced that gives a professional appearance than any other traditional bulb.
  3. They can improve workplace performance and promote productivity: LED lights give a cool-relieving feeling that raises your productivity and improves your performance by enhancing the level of concentration. Whereas, an incandescent bulb can lower the employee’s performance by reducing their level of motivation. An improper lighting can make your level of concentration harder due to glares and reflections. Also, lack of illumination can cause accidents at your workplace.
  4. They are energy efficient: LED lights are economical as compared to the traditional bulbs and can save upto 90% of your electricity bills. They emit lights in all directions and are best factories and offices. Hence, lesser number of lights are required to provide the same amount of brightness.
  5. Withstand extreme heat: LED lights are built in such a way that they can withstand low as well as high temperatures with fixtures that survive upto 100 degrees.
  6. Fewer fixtures required: LED fixtures have the capability of directing light in different beam angles for various applications and have a better quality of light than any other traditional bulb. You would require less fixtures if you replace them with old ones.
  • High CRI: An LED light has the most accurate CRI (Colour Rendering Index) than any other light with reference to the ideal source light i.e the Sun.
  • Correlated colour temperature options: Traditional lights always produce a warm light whereas, LED lights provides wide range of correlated colour temperature options from fixtures that emit both warm-toned yellowish and cool-toned white light. We can use dimmer switches to control the lighting fixtures upto 10% of their optimum level, thus creating a softer ambience. LED lights are semi-conductor devices that directly impacts its functionality and reduces the electricity bills.
  1. Flexible designs: Led fixtures are available in all different shapes, sizes, wattage and uses that suits every environment, you have plenty of LED lighting solutions for various needs from warehouse and cranes to offices and households. You can choose from various options like bulbs, floodlights, decorative strips that can be controlled from your smartphones and remotes.
  • Use government backed lighting: The government realizes the potential threats to environment and wastage of electricity by traditional bulbs hence, they provide LED lights at subsidized rates to people of various states.
  • Made for every type of fitting: LED bulbs are built in such a way that they can fit any old and unique lamps with the availability of different shapes and sizes of fixtures.
  • They are safe: they have a solid state construction that reduces the chance of burns and broken glasses.

Therefore, switching to LED lights will be a decision that you will never regret. You may need to hire the best professional electricians in Narre Warren that give you recommendations and implementation of such LED lights without any hassle.


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