Responding to a Pest Infestation on Your Business Premises

by Carter Toni

There are lots of things that you can encounter when you are managing and maintaining your business premises. One of these is pests and unwanted guests including rats, mice, birds, and cockroaches. Pests can be hazardous to your business, and they can leave a trail of destruction behind them, especially if they get inside your premises. Being responsive and aware of pest infestations is important. If you are not monitoring your premises, you may find that infestations happen quickly. When you are responsive, you can take swift action.

Identifying What Pest You Are Dealing With

One of the first things you are going to need to do is to identify what pest you are dealing with. You can do this by monitoring your premises, looking at excrement and droppings left behind, and setting traps. Once you are aware of what pests you are dealing with, you can then start to push forwards with other plans. Getting in control of an infestation is crucial, and the sooner you can do this, the better. So, once you have identified what you are dealing with, you need to go ahead and reach out to the specialists. Trying to tackle an infestation (no matter how small) yourself can be dangerous.

Top Tip:When identifying pests, try to avoid contact where possible. Contact with excrement or droppings can be dangerous for you. It can also lead to cross-contamination of your business premises. Always wear suitable clothing and gloves if you are coming into close contact with any evidence of pests.

Reaching Out to the Specialists

Visiting promptly is important. Making contact with the specialists and getting them on-site can save you a lot of money, and a lot of stress. If you avoid reaching out to the specialists, you may find that an infestation grows, and it becomes more complex and challenging to deal with. When you reach out to the specialists, you can regain peace of mind once again. You can feel safe and secure knowing that they will handle the infestation in both a safe and timely manner.

Top Tip: Expect an initial site visit from a pest control firm/specialist. This will help them establish what they are dealing with and allow them to create an action plan that works well for your business.

Informing Others onthe Site

Whether you have one other person on site or you have many, you need to inform them about any pest infestation you are dealing with. Letting people know when exterminators or pest control firms will be around the premises is crucial. Also, try letting everyone know what type of extermination is being used, as this will help workers and visitors avoid those areas of your business premises if they wish. When you can keep everyone on-site informed, you can ensure that everyone is kept as safe as possible. Reducing exposure and increasing safety must be top priorities when you are responding to a pest infestation (even when there are other professionals/specialists involved).

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