Retail Store Settings: Tips To Stay Healthy & Productive

by Carter Toni

It takes a special type of person to work in a retail environment. You need to be a people person with an outgoing personality and a desire to please, especially when you have a lot of roles in your workplace. It is easy to skip lunch when the pressure is on, but do it too often and it will impact your overall health and well-being.

Here are a few tips to help your store employees remain healthy and productive at work.

  • Educate Your Staff – You could call in a specialist who knows how to put together a short course that includes many health tips and dos and don’ts that are designed to keep you healthy. Handouts include reminders to stay hydrated, with water dispensers everywhere and why not have a 15-minute physical warm-up first thing in the morning? They do this everywhere in Japan and their workers have an enviable record for attendance and good health.
  • Health & Safety Consultants – Locate leading shop health and safety consultants in the UK or in your country and let the experts assess your current health and safety standards, which would lead to a series of recommendations. This will ensure that your business is always compliant, which is essential, especially during a pandemic.
  • PPE – There should always be supplies of masks, wipes and hand sanitiser and put these in small stations that are also available for store visitors. Talk to a health and safety specialist and they will ensure that you don’t fall foul of the law by making recommendations based on government guidelines. Suppliers are many and you should be able to find cheap prices with bulk orders and free delivery. If your staff is protected, the workers will feel more secure and that leads to a rise in productivity.
  • Outsource Your HR Requirements – More and more companies are outsourcing and with small business HR services, you will get to retain quality employees who are prepared to go that extra mile. They will help you handle employee-related matters and be the best boos or company owner there is. With this service, you don’t have the expense of directly running an HR department.
  • Stay Tuned For Government Bulletins – As we are already 2 years into the pandemic, we all regularly check online for the current COVID-19 status around the world. You won’t need reminding that there are strict rules with heavy penalties for stores that fail to comply, therefore it is best to engage the services of a health and safety specialist.

Health and safety is vital for every business sector, especially the retail industry and the only way to ensure complete compliance with government guidelines is to hire a health and safety consultant. They offer a wide range of services for the retail business and are easily found with a Google search. Investing in your employees’ safety and health is a smart thing to do, as they are the most valuable asset your business has.

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