World’s Richest Soccer Players, 2021

by Carter Toni

Having a internet price of roughly $500 million, Cristiano Ronaldo may be the wealthiest soccer player on the planet, adopted by David Beckham ($450 million), Lionel Messi ($400 million) and Dave Welan ($210 Million). Neymar may be the fifth-wealthiest soccer player on the planet, having a $200 million fortune. Zlatan Ibrahimovic rated sixth having a personal insightful $190 Million, adopted by Wayne Rooney with $170 Million. Who’re the wealthiest soccer players on the planet?

A few of the players or former players are participating along with other industries too creating a fortune using their companies. However, many of them focus on their sport.

World’s Wealthiest Soccer Players, 2021

Rank Name Net Worth Nationality Profession
1 Christiano Ronaldo $500M Portuguese Football player, Fashion entrepreneur
2 David Beckam $450 Million British Model, Athlete, Actor, Soccer Player
3 Lionel Messi $400 Million Argentinian Football player
4 Dave Welan $210 Million British Businessperson, Football player
5 Neymar $200 Million Brazilian Football player
6 Zlatan Ibrahimovic $190 Million Sweden Football player
7 Wayne Rooney $170 Million British Football player, Soccer Player
8 Ronaldo $160 Million Brazilian Football player, Actor
9 Gareth Bale $145 Million British Football player
10 Thiery Henry $130 Million French Football player
11 Paul Pogba $125 Million French Football player
12 Andres Iniesta $120 Million Spanish Football player
13 Jose Murinho $120 Million Portuguese Football player, Coach, Manager
14 Mesut Ozil $120 Million German Football player
15 Zinedine Zidane $120 Million French Former football player, Coach, Manager
16 Eden Hazard $100 Million Belgian Football player
17 Pele $100 Million Brazilian Actor, Football player, Film Producer
18 Philipp Lahm $100 Million German Football player
19 Raul Gonzalez Blanco $100 Million Spanish Former football player
20 Kylian Mbappe $95 Million French Football player
21 Samuel Eto’ o $95 Million Cameroonian Football player
22 Didier Drogba $90 Million Ivory Coast Football player
23 Fabio Capello $90 Million Italian Coach, Soccer Player
24 Fernando Torres $90 Million Spanish Soccer Player
25 Frank Lampard $90 Million British Football player, Soccer Player
26 Kaka $90 Million Brazilian Football player
27 Mohamed Salah $90 Million Football player
28 Ronaldinho $90 Million Brazilian Football player
29 Steven Gerrard $90 Million British Soccer Player
30 Robert Lewandowski $85 Million Polish Soccer Player
31 Arjen Roben $80 Million Dutch Football player
32 Bastian Schweinsteiger $80 Million German Football player
33 Gerard Pique $80 Million Spanish Football player, Soccer Player
34 Mario Balotelli $80 Million Italian Football player
35 Sergio Aguero $80 Million Argentinian Football player
36 Sergio Ramos $80 Million Spanish Football player
37 David de Gea $75 Million Spanish Football player
38 Rio Ferdinand $75 Million British Football player
39 Frank Ribery $70 Million French Football player
40 Hulk $70 Million Brazilian Football player
41 John Terry $70 Million British Football player
42 Luis Suarez $70 Million Uruguay Football player
43 Oscar $70 Million Brazilian Football player
44 Radamel Falcao $70 Million Colombian Football player
45 Sir Alex Ferguson $70 Million British Coach, Manager, former football player
46 Yaya Toure $70 Million Ivory Coast Coach, Manager, Football player
47 Antoine Griezmann $60 Million French Football player
48 Dani Alves $60 Million Brazilian Football player
49 Robinho $60 Million Brazilian Football player
50 Ryan Giggs $60 Million British Former football player

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