Rob Reiner Podcast JFK Assassination: Who Killed JFK Podcast Reiner How Many Episodes?

by Moore Martin

Rob Reiner Podcast JFK Assassination

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 remains one of the most enduring mysteries in American history. While the official narrative points to Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman, filmmaker and actor Rob Reiner believes there’s more to the story. In his 10-part podcast series, “Who Killed JFK,” Reiner sets out to challenge the conventional wisdom and unearth the truth behind this pivotal moment in American history.

Rob Reiner Podcast JFK Assassination

Rob Reiner, known for his impressive career in Hollywood as both an actor and director, steps into the world of podcasting to explore the enigma surrounding JFK’s assassination. His podcast delves deep into the mysteries that still shroud that fateful day in Dallas, Texas.

Reiner’s personal connection to the tragic event adds a unique perspective to the podcast. He was just 16 years old when Kennedy was assassinated, and the impact of that day left a lasting impression on him. He firmly believes that the official version of events is incomplete, if not entirely inaccurate.

Challenging the Official Narrative

One of the central themes of “Who Killed JFK” is Reiner’s belief that there were multiple individuals involved in the assassination. This theory challenges the widely accepted idea that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Reiner’s podcast presents a wealth of evidence, including interviews, extensive research, and visits to key locations, all aimed at piecing together a comprehensive narrative of the events leading up to Kennedy’s death.

A Fresh Perspective

Listeners can expect a fresh perspective on the JFK assassination with each episode of the podcast. Hosted by journalist Soledad O’Brien, the series promises to provide insights and evidence that challenge the conclusions of official investigations. Reiner and O’Brien leave no stone unturned as they investigate the conspiracy theory surrounding the assassination, hoping to shed light on a mystery that has puzzled people for over six decades.

How Many Episodes Are There?

“Who Killed JFK” consists of a 10-part series, offering a thorough exploration of the events surrounding President Kennedy’s death. Listeners can follow the podcast’s journey as it unfolds weekly, with new episodes dropping every Wednesday. This structured release schedule allows listeners to stay engaged and eagerly anticipate each installment.

Where to Stream Rob Reiner JFK Documentary?

For those interested in diving deep into the evidence and theories presented in “Who Killed JFK,” the documentary is readily accessible. You can stream it on popular podcast platforms, including the iHeartRadio app and other major podcast platforms. This wide availability ensures that a broad audience can engage with the compelling content and revelations presented by Reiner and O’Brien.


Rob Reiner’s podcast, “Who Killed JFK,” offers a captivating exploration of one of America’s most enduring mysteries. With its fresh perspective, in-depth research, and commitment to uncovering the truth, this 10-part series challenges the official narrative and invites listeners to reconsider what they know about the JFK assassination. Rob Reiner’s dedication to this project, driven by his personal connection to the event, adds an emotional depth that resonates with audiences. Tune in every Wednesday to unravel the mysteries surrounding Kennedy’s tragic death.


  1. What is the title of Rob Reiner’s podcast about the JFK assassination?
    The podcast is titled “Who Killed JFK.”
  2. Who is the host of the podcast alongside Rob Reiner?
    Journalist Soledad O’Brien co-hosts the podcast with Rob Reiner.
  3. What does Rob Reiner believe about the JFK assassination?
    Rob Reiner believes that there were multiple shooters involved in President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.
  4. What is the main goal of the podcast?
    The podcast aims to uncover the truth behind the JFK assassination through a 10-part series.
  5. What is the release schedule for new episodes of the podcast?
    New episodes of the podcast are released every Wednesday.

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