SEM agency – do you need its services to reach your business goals?

by Carter Toni

The search engines are constantly evolving, forcing the website and online shop owners to optimize their content. The current market realities enforce the investment in search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Without them, it’s hardly possible to reach out to potential clients. Of course – advertisement in social media combined with well-thought branding can also bring financial benefits. However, it should always be combined with SEM – otherwise, it will be hard to stand out with your offer.

SEM agency – how can it support your company?

Currently, every company pays attention to its online presence. It’s the digital channels that enable attracting new clients and strengthening the bond with the existing ones. Of course – the importance of digital depends on the specifics of the particular industry. However, in current realities, promoting a business only offline is completely inefficient.

The search engine marketing agency can help the company improve online visibility both through optimization that drives the organic movement on the website and paid campaigns. The scope of the SEM services may vary depending on the agency, but usually, it includes:

  • SEO audit
  • website optimization
  • content marketing services: copywriting, content plans, distribution of content in different media
  • planning, managing, and monitoring the Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns (lead generation)

In addition, the SEM agency may offer you support in digital marketing or web development services. A lot depends on your needs and the agency’s business model.

Content optimization – what’s important?

Since the content plays a fundamental role when it comes to the website’s position in the search engine, the agencies usually support their clients with copywriting services. They may be working with freelancers or hire their own copywriters and content writers. 

Content marketing focuses on real users, but the content should also be friendly for Google’s bots. To improve the websites’ ranking, you should optimize it with an appropriate structure and keywords. However, recently the agencies pay a lot of attention to the UX as well, since usability is already considered the ranking factor in Google.

Using SEM agency services vs. optimizing the content on your own

You could ask – why pay for the services of the agency if there are so many search engine optimizations tools and plugins available for free? The main reason is the complexity of SEO. There are many factors influencing the ranking of your website in Google and without an audit carried out by an experienced SEO specialist, it’s hard to identify all the issues. Using the optimization tools will most likely not be enough to improve its position in the search engines. 

Also, you should note that search engines are constantly evolving. The SEO knowledge gets outdated very fast. Thus, it’s worth cooperating with the specialists that polish their know-how through constant practice and education.

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