Should yourOutsourced IT Still Be Local

by Carter Toni

This is an ongoing debate that is raging in online spaces and IT advice forums. Although it is possible to remotely access a network, laptop, or PC to run repairs and manage data storage and software upgrades, it is still argued that IT support should be local enough to visit you when it’s absolutely essential.

A simple task such as getting all your remote devices that are used by the new hybrid and remote workforce to print to a centralized office printer whenthey’re all in the office is one that will save a great deal of time and effort if done by professional IT support in the office.There are just some things that are best done in person, and a local outsourced IT service seems to be the best of both worlds.

It doesn’t have to be a retainer contract

In the past, one of the big, unnecessary costs of IT was the continuous monthly contract, where businesses paid for maintenance that they may or may not use. Intoday’s world, you should only be paying for preciselythe actual maintenance time and effort that you have used. Furthermore, simply based on the fact that there are now so many IT maintenance and repair options available that even if your business is based in the remotest region of Nebraska, finding professional IT support who will take you on a pay-as-you-go systemwon’t be a problem.

Certain aspects only

Remote maintenance for software programs makes perfect sense as it’s generally a centralized support function that comes with the software. As long as you provide them the ability to remoteonto your machine, they should be able to sort any software issues relatively simply. So be specificand only call on the local support for issues that cannot be rectified by a remote source. This means that your local support only comes out to see you on-site if it is absolutely necessary.

Local will know and understand your business needs

A local service provider will have local insight and knowledge as to the area and other suppliers and service providers. A business with such insights will be able to immediately understand your specific needs and also those of your local customer and client base. They are thus best placed to get you the best prices and advice on IT-related services. They will understand your business needs better than any outsider who has read the ‘about us’ page on your website. It will be these deeper understandings that will serve to ensure you have the best IT you can afford.

It is thus clear that outsourcing your IT and looking to manage services for all that you can,  is the way to go, but for the love of your business success, keep the vital IT maintenance and support as localized as you can. Keeping some aspects of your outsourced IT local is necessary and essential, simply for the fact that it is only those who are able to physically assess and advise based on such assessment that will get you the best IT solutions and computing prowess for your business needs.

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