Dryer vents collect lint and clog. The clogging reduces the dryer’s functionality, makes the machine consume a lot of energy, and is fire hazardous. Although homeowners are advised against dryer vent cleaning DIY on their appliances, you can easily clean a dryer vent yourself.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

These tips ensure that you maximize home safety during and after the cleaning process. However, contact a professional if you are unsure of following the instructions or placing everything back in place. Here are a few steps you need to follow when doing dryer vent cleaning.

1. Disconnect Dryer From Power Source

Unplugging the dryer from the main power supply prevents damage to the machine and protects you from electric accidents, which are fatal. Next, push the device away from the wall to see the backside. Remove the duct.

2. Remove Lint From The Vent

Lint accumulates on the vent, making it hard for the machine to function correctly. Attach a hose and a crevice tool to your vacuum cleaner to suck in all the dirt. You can also buy a dryer vent cleaning brush with soft bristles. It softens the dirt before sucking it with a vacuum.

3. Clean The Duct

There is also dirt in the vent that should be cleaned. Disconnect the duct from the dryer to access it well. Use your hands to remove any accumulated lint, and then go in with the vacuum.

4. Clean The Vent Pipe

Use a long and flexible dryer vent cleaning brush to loosen the dirt in the vent pipe. Once you put the brush inside, rotate it and also move it backward and forward. Use a vacuum to suck in the dirt.

5. Clean The Exterior Vent

Remove the exterior vent from the wall for easier dryer vent cleaning. Remove also the outer cover to get rid of the accumulated lint. Use a flexible brush first to loosen the lint and then use a vacuum to suck it. Once the vent cover is clean, return it to the wall.

6. Clean The Back Of The Dryer

You want to ensure that every part of the dryer is clean, so don’t leave any area untouched. Clean the exterior parts of the machine. Ensure you master how they are placed to be able to return them. Clean the laundry room, too, because dirt and dust can find their way back into the machine.

7. Return The Parts

Once you dry everything, it is time to fix it back to the dryer. Return the dryer vent to the machine and also return the dryer to the wall. Check if the front parts are dry and replace them as well.

Plugin the dryer into the power source and see if it’s working. You can test for any improvements with a small number of clothes.

8. Consult a dryer vent cleaning professional if unsure

Sometimes you may find a situation where you are not sure what you should do. In this case, always consult a professional to advise you. Dryer cleaning mistakes can be costly.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff