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Super Sonic Keto | SuperSonic Keto | SuperSonic Keto Review

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SuperSonic Keto Diet Review- How safe is this weight loss program?

Super Sonic Keto

SuperSonic Keto is an award-winning weight loss program. It has become the most searched for diets exceedingly fast.

What is SuperSonic Keto?

SuperSonic Keto is acompany. It has a mission of helping people to lead healthier lives. This is achieved through change in behaviour. The user can learn about the behaviour change by interacting with the Super Sonic Keto app. It tells the user about how to use the methods of behaviour changes. The user can read the articles in a daily basis. Users can log their food using a colour system to learn the caloric density of the foods they eat. They can also log their exercises.

The users can have an access to a Goal Specialist. He will assist them to set smart personal goals. The user can gain access to her/his personal support team after the specific trial period is over. It is made of a group of coaches and other SuperSonic Keto users. All of them are trying to develop a healthy lifestyle.

SuperSonic Keto program does not help the users only to lose body weight. It also helps them to change their habits. It trains them to develop long lasting, healthy habits that will help them to sustain the changes they have made, for years to come.

How does SuperSonic Keto work?

SuperSonic Keto is a program that uses a combination of Smart good setting, coaching, food logging, active support groups and relevant research backed articles, those are tailor made to suit the need of the users.

Features of SuperSonic Keto Program are

To set Goals- The user has to set a goal for her/himself with the help of a personal goal setter. He will help the user to set measurable and attainable, realistic goal. The goal setter helps user to find out what goal is most important for the user.

Learning- The user will receive fun filled, research backed, easy to read and understand articles every day. These will target the challenges the users are facing. These articles will teach the users to develop habits that will help them to sustain the progress they have made following the program.

Food Logging- SuperSonic Keto provides a colour system based on the calorie value of the food the user takes. It tells the user what food to eat to achieve his goal.

Support Group-The user will have a personal support group after his trial period is over. This group is a space for inspiration, additional learning, and provides an opportunity to seek advice and support from individuals. The group coach posts articles, topics for discussions and gives the users weekend challenges. This group is a priceless experience for the users.

Does SuperSonic Keto really work?

A study was conducted in 2016. It was found that 78% of more than 35,000 participants sustained weight loss over a period of 9 months, with SuperSonic Keto program. A study published in 2016 mentions that 64% of SuperSonic Keto users lost more than 5% of their total body weight.

Individuals who participate in SuperSonic Keto’s program and adopt a healthy lifestyle can safely expect to lose, on average, 1-2 pounds per week.Results vary based on the goals the user has set at the beginning of the program, as well as the user’s effort and participation throughout the program.

Advantages of SuperSonic Keto Program:

  • The user learns to develop long lasting habits that helps the user to sustain his healthy lifestyle for years to come.
  • The user can receive one to one goal setting assistance from the personal goal specialist.
  • The user can seek support from his group coach and personal support group for a healthy lifestyle.
  • The user can have delicious yet healthy recipes to eat.
  • The user can develop the ability to sync step tracker devices to the SuperSonic Keto app.

Disadvantages of SuperSonic Keto Program:

  • There is no desktop version of SuperSonic Keto app available. The user can access it only on iOS or Android devices.
  • The users must be more than 18 years of age.
  • The users cannot be assigned to a support group till the completion of 14 days trial period.

SuperSonic Keto Gives a Gift

Individuals that have given birth in the last 24 months are eligible to receive a free 12-month membership.

Conclusion on SuperSonic Keto Program

It is not just a program for the users to lose weight. SuperSonic Keto changes the habits. The lifestyle and food habits those are good for an individual’s life. It provides a long lasting and sustainable result. The users using SuperSonic Keto program sincerely can also expect to lose body weight by 1 to 2 pounds every week.

Results depend on the goals set by the users and their efforts and participations throughout the program.

You can buy SuperSonic Keto program directly from its official website.

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