Supporting an Older Relative Within Their Own Home!

by Glenn Maxwell

You may have noticed that an older relative has gotten worse over time. Or, you may have noticed that the change has been swift and quicker than you expected. Whatever the situation or circumstances, it is how you deal with it that matters. So, just how are you going to handle an older relative? What support and guidance are you going to give them in their home to allow them to maintain their sense of independence?

Physical Support

Older relatives may be getting a little weaker as the years roll by. They may be struggling with doing so many physical activities, and this may be affecting how well they lead their lives. To take action, you need to see what physical support you can provide and with what frequency. For example, could you (or another family member) help with the cooking, or even with taking out the trash? What other duties are getting too much? Is changing the bedsheets leaving them feeling exhausted? Or is vacuuming sapping their energy? Physical support does not have to cost a lot. So, start thinking about what you can do and how you can help to make a difference.

Outside Help to Assist in the Home

When you have your own commitments to honor, you will find that there is only so much that you can do. In these situations and circumstances, you really need to look at what outside help can be brought in to give you a break and a much-needed rest. For example, could you look at having Skylark Senior Care in your relative’s home on a regular basis to help them with washing, dressing, or eating? Trained care professionals can tell you what needs to happen to allow your relatives to retain their independence. They can also give you support and guidance about who there is you could talk to and what options you have for care at home. Navigating home care for an elderly relative can be tricky, and it can be challenging. So, utilize the help and assistance where you can get it.

Food, Cooking, and Meal Preparation

If your elderly relative is struggling with food and mealtimes, then you may have to work on a solution. You may have to get ready meals bought in and prepared for consumption, or you may have to get someone to boost any mealtimes to make sure that nutritious food is being consumed. When it comes to food and meal preparations, you have to be careful in this area, as people think you are taking away their rights. If food preparation and assistance are required, then discuss this with your relatives and do not just spring it on them.

Inclusion in the Local Community 

Being indoors and being at home by themselves can be isolating for your elderly relative. If and where you can, you will find it beneficial to get them involved in local community events. Locally organized (and held) events can help them spend time with others, and it can help to give everyone a much-needed break too.

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