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What to Expect During Your Prostate Exam | Prostate Exam

It's a good time to talk to your doctor if you're a man older than 40 and have not yet had a prostate exam. If you're also African American or have a family history of prostate cancer, it's a really good time. Amongst 6 males in the end receives a prostate melanoma medical diagnosis. And even though most males have a slowly-increasing sort, prostate malignancy remains to be the biggest reason for tumors fatalities of males older than 75. So, it's time get over it and protect your prostate health if you're afraid of a prostate exam. If your and you doctor think the time is right, get a digital rectal exam and a PSA blood test during your annual physical," suggests Dan Zenka, senior vice president of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and a prostate cancer survivor who was diagnosed at age 51...