Tanasak Srisai Net Worth in 2023: What Is Tanasak Srisai Net Worth?

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Tanasak Srisai Net Worth

In the realm of Thai football, one name that stands out prominently is Tanasak Srisai, affectionately known as Bee. Born on September 25, 1989, this Thai footballer has carved a niche for himself in the sport, both at the club level and on the international stage. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Tanasak Srisai, exploring his net worth in 2023, his career achievements, and more.

Who is Tanasak Srisai?

Tanasak Srisai, also known as Bee, is a highly regarded Thai professional footballer who specializes as a center-back for Chiangrai United. His journey began in the scenic town of Prachin Buri, Thailand, where he was born. Bee’s imposing height of 183 centimeters (6 feet 0 inches) gives him a commanding presence on the field, enabling him to excel in aerial duels, defensive plays, and contribute significantly to his team’s strategy.

Real Name Tanasak Srisai
Date of birth 25 September 1989
Age 34 years old
Height 183 cm (6 Feet 0 Inches)
Weight (176 lbs) 80 kg
Birth Place Prachin Buri, Thailand
Gender Male
Profession Thai Footballer
Nationality Thai
Zodiac Sign Libra

Tanasak Srisai’s Career

Tanasak Srisai’s professional journey has seen him excel in the position of a defender (DF), specifically as a center-back (CB). This strategic placement on the field perfectly aligns with his skill set, showcasing his defensive prowess, tactical awareness, and ability to thwart opposition attacks.

In addition to his contributions at the club level with Chiangrai United, Bee has proudly represented Thailand on the international stage. His inclusion in the national team underscores his prowess and standing as a top-tier footballer in the country. As a member of the Thai national team, Bee has become a source of pride for fans, contributing to the country’s football legacy with his talent and dedication.

Tanasak Srisai’s Age in 2023

As of 2023, Tanasak Srisai is 34 years old, having been born on September 25, 1989, in Prachin Buri, Thailand. Despite the passing years, Srisai continues to exemplify athleticism and skill on the football field. His journey from a young and ambitious player to a seasoned athlete is a testament to his commitment to the sport. Born in a town rich in cultural heritage, Srisai’s age in 2023 signifies not just the passage of time but also the accumulation of experience and expertise that he brings to the football pitch.

Tanasak Srisai’s Net Worth in 2023

Now, let’s get to the burning question: How much is Tanasak Srisai worth in 2023? According to online sources, Tanasak Srisai’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $1 to $5 million dollars. This impressive net worth is largely the result of his success as a Thai footballer. His contributions at various clubs, including Pluak Daeng, TOT SC, BEC Tero Sasana, Ubon UMT Utd, Pattaya United, and Chiangrai United, have all played a significant role in accumulating his wealth.

Name Tanasak Srisai
Estimated Net Worth( 2023) $1-$5 Million Dollars
Profession Thai Footballer
Date of Birth 25 September 1989
Age 34 years old
Height 183 cm (6 Feet 0 Inches)
Weight (176 lbs) 80 kg
Birthplace Prachin Buri, Thailand
Nationality Thai

Tanasak Srisai’s Physical Attributes

Tanasak Srisai’s success on the football field can be attributed not only to his skill but also to his physical attributes. Weighing in at 80 kilograms (approximately 176 pounds), Bee maintains a well-balanced physique, indicative of his commitment to physical fitness and athleticism. His weight is a testament to his strength and endurance, essential attributes for a player in the demanding position of a center-back.

Tanasak Srisai Net Worth – FAQ

  1. Who is Tanasak Srisai?

    Tanasak Srisai is known as a Thai Footballer. Tanasak Srisai was born on 25 September 1989 and presently Tanasak Srisai is 34 years old.

  2. What is Tanasak Srisai Net Worth?

    As of 2023, Tanasak Srisai’s net worth is $1-$5 Million Dollars. Tanasak Srisai is a Thai Footballer who was born on 25 September 1989.

  3. What is Tanasak Srisai’s weight?

    Tanasak Srisai, the successful Thai Footballer, weighs 80 kg (176 lbs).

  4. How tall is Tanasak Srisai?

    Tanasak Srisai is a Thai Footballer who stands 183 cm (6 feet) tall.

  5. How old is Tanasak Srisai?

    Tanasak Srisai was born on 25 September 1989. Tanasak Srisai is 34 years old.

In conclusion, Tanasak Srisai’s journey in the world of football has been nothing short of remarkable. From his humble beginnings to becoming a key figure in both club and international football, he has left an indelible mark on the sport in Thailand. With an estimated net worth of $1 to $5 million dollars, his success is not only measured in goals but also in wealth and recognition.

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