Ted Bundy Real Pictures | Get List of the victims

by Sean Dixon

Uncover unique information regarding Ted’s victims and likewise the methods of committing crime. Additionally, keep in mind of Teddy boy Bundy Actual footage.

Did you’ve got any plan you knew that Teddy boy Bundy was a serial killer from the u.  s. UN company confessed to murdering thirty victims? Did you acknowledge that the deliberate number of his victims is greater and isn’t nonetheless identified? Teddy boy Bundy spent his infancy on the home of his grandparents. He was a prison throughout the age of twenty seven.

We will confirm extra on Teddy boy Bundy under throughout this text regarding Teddy boy Bundy Actual footage.

About Teddy boy Bundy:

Theodore Robert Cowell was born on November twenty 4, 1946, and was married to Eleanor Louise Cowell, his mom. The title of his father isn’t famous. He was a sexy man UN company was affiliate assistant director at metropolis Crime bar informatory Fee, DES. metropolis Crime bar informatory Fee, DES.

In accordance with stories consistent with stories, he was famous to nobble and bodily assault, kill the victims, then viciously beat them to create them unconscious and even decompose corpses or sodomize, mummify then handcuff victims earlier than carrying the our bodies.

He confessed to the first homicide that transpire at metropolis in 1972, and likewise the his second homicide was dedicated in 1973. Beneath space unit a few of Teddy boy Bundy movie footage.

Checklist of the victims

  1. 4th-January-1974, Tibeto-Burman Sparks (survived).
  2. . twelfth March 1974 girl Gail Sir Patrick Manson, adopted by one killer disappearing every month.
  3. Seventeenth-April-1974, Susan Elaine Rancourt,
  4. Sixth-Might-1974, Roberta Kathleen Parks,
  5. 1st-June-1974, Brenda Carol Ball,
  6. . Eleventh-June-1974, Georgann Hawkins,
  7. 14-July-1974, Janice Anne Ott and Denise Marie Naslund,
  8. 2nd-September-1974, unknown rider,
  9. 2nd-October-1974, city heart Wilcox
  10. 18th-October-1974, genus Melissa Anne Smith
  11. Thirty first-October-1974, Laura Ann Aime,
  12. . Eighth-November-1974, Carol DaRonch and Debra Jean Kent,
  13. Twelfth-January-1975, Caryn Eileen mythologist,
  14. Fifteenth-March-1975, Julie choreographer
  15. Sixth-April-1975, Denise Lynn Oliverson,
  16. Sixth-Might-1975, Lynette Daybreak Culver,
  17. Twenty eighth-June-1975, Susan plant scientist
  18. Fifteenth-January-1978: Margaret Elizabeth archer, Lisa Levy, Tibeto-Burman Chandler, Kathy Kleiner, Cheryl Thomas, and
  19. Ninth-February-1978: Kimberly Dianne Leach.

Different prospects Teddy boy Bundy footage Of Victims:

  1. Ann Marie Burr
  2. Lisa E. Wick,
  3. Lonnie Ree Trumbull
  4. Susan Margarite Davis
  5. Elizabeth Perry
  6. . Rita Patricia Curran,
  7. Joyce LePage
  8. Rita French area Jolly,
  9. Katherine Merry Devine
  10. Sandra Jean Weaver
  11. Melanie Suzanne Cooley
  12. Shelley Kay Oscar Palmer Robertson,
  13. Nancy Perry Baird, and
  14. Debbie Smith.


In accordance with stories, Teddy boy Bundy focused girls UN company had been youthful than twenty six years earlier. He used the Volkswagen Beetle automotive whereas not entrance traveler seats to maneuver the victims. Privateness & Cookies Coverage Bob Hayward was affiliate American state important street Patrol officer, discovered 2 ski masks handcuffs, a lever rubbish baggage related an ice resolve rope rope but as various instruments for felony as soon as Teddy boy was detained on the sixteenth of August in 1975. He was as soon as discharged from jail nevertheless was in remission as soon as extra.

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