Ten Ways To Cope With Your Dental Anxiety

by Carter Toni

Dental anxiety can be a problem for most people. There’s something scary about dentists, their white coats, and those scary-looking tools. However, if you’re reading this article, say ‘goodbye’ to dental anxiety with the following simple tips. Also, visit Mercer Family Dentist in Kingsport for all dental solutions.

Talk to your dentist

It really could be that easy, communication makes most problems easier to cope with. Explain your fears to your dentist, letting him know what triggers you about the process. As a professional, he would help you through it or suggest better-coping methods.

Meditate and relax

Muscle relaxation and general meditation are easy ways to deal with the issue of dental anxiety. If you’re tense, everything will hurt.

Try hypnosis

Hypnosis as a recreational activity can help you shout out the conscious mind and focus on the subconscious. It could go a long way in easing the weight of dental anxiety.


Get this: you’re focused on the dental appointment and the entire process just makes you anxious. Well, why not try to focus on something else? Think of a movie or your favorite song

Bring a friend along

You may not realize it but support goes a long way in easing anxiety- especially dental anxiety. If you struggle with this, you should probably go to your dental appointment with a trusted friend or loved one to hold your hand in scary times.

Use analgesic medication

Analgesic drugs help ease pain and make dental appointments less scary. Luckily, most analgesics are easy to access and sometimes found in dentists’ offices. However, you should confirm with your doctor before consuming any medication.

Picture happy thoughts

Something else that helps ease dental anxiety is guided imagery. If you are worried about that dental appointment, then maybe the best thing to do at the time is daydream – fantasize happy thoughts and take your mind away from a place of pain and fear, to your picture of happiness.

Try anxiety-relieving meds

There are anxiety-relieving medications your dentist can prescribe to you to help with dental anxiety. Just ensure they are prescribed and taken at the recommended dosage and time.


No, not anesthesia. Conscious sedation is a pain-relieving process that won’t induce sleep, so you’re conscious but relaxed and not at all anxious, through the dental appointment process.

Try some breathing exercises

Some simple breathing exercises are known to ease dental anxiety and create a deep sense of calm. Try out deep exercises before your dental appointment and watch your heart be at peace. Something as simple as taking a deep breath, inhaling through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth, can do wonders and help ease anxiety. The best breathing exercise app by Breathwrk can help you to learn more about how breathing exercises can help you in so many ways.

Final Thoughts?

I know just how scary dental appointments can be. However, remember just how important dental care is. Would you rather endure a few minutes of discomfort or have your teeth fall out when you’re forty?

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