The Home Upgrade That Will Save You Money Every School Holidays

by Glenn Maxwell

Any Australian is up for a holiday which includes beaches, sunshine, pools, and resorts. This fits into the perfect getaway when the schools break. The problem is that this may cost thousands of dollars. But do you know that you can still enjoy luxury and comfort without sacrificing a huge chunk of your savings? Read on to find out how!

Pools are synonymous with entertainment

If you’re a true Simpson fanatic, you may remember the episode when Homer and Marge bought a pool. As a result, the Springfield residents couldn’t take themselves away from the pool day and night, whether taking a dip or simply hanging around it.

It only proves that you can’t separate pools and great moments, especially during Summer. Perhaps the silent benefit of pools is they can bring you, your friends and your family together.

Let’s put it into perspective. As you plan your holiday, what comes to mind? Extravagant resorts. If it’s not the luxurious villas in Bali, it may be Fiji’s picturesque beaches and snorkelling. Other options include the fabulous poolside of Thailand resorts or the favourable weather of Queensland. It’s no secret that Aussies go above and beyond for momentous getaways in these places.

These destinations are the true definition of a well-spent holiday, except they cost an arm and a leg.

Looking for a cheaper and cost-effective alternative for every school holiday?

A customised pool in your backyard offers an unlimited resort holiday throughout the year. All you ought to do is avail yourself and have a few accessories on the side.

Holidays are meant to unwind, ease off the steam from work or school, and ensure that your family and friends have a reason to smile and laugh. Those are the magic words of pools in every part of the globe.

They take centre stage and provide an opportunity for your favourite people to create the best memories that last a lifetime. And did we say it boosts the value of your property?

You can even take a hint from many families who have decided to pitch tents beside their pool for a camping experience away from the wild. Then go the extra mile by adding speakers for your dancing and party needs. Alternatively, an outdoor cinema only requires a home projector and pool floats. With a little bit of creativity, the choices are limitless.

Taking your eyes away from the centrepiece, you may need to surround your pool with more features for the ultimate holiday vibe. It could be through your choice of landscaping, furniture, greenery, or water features. It can be however you want to design it. Just remember to pay attention to your personality and style.

These characteristics dramatically convert your standard poolside into a luxurious space that you and your family will be proud of while burying the big-budget resort holidays where they belong. That’s in the past!

One of our favourites is the water features, such as the cascading waterfalls that flow into your pool. It’s no surprise that they’re growing in popularity, especially now when there is a move by homeowners to make every part of their properties their sanctuaries.

Another impressive feature includes underwater lighting that flashes and changes colour or has a party mood.

Additionally, pools and spas create a calming effect in your environment. We can’t really pin it down, but we can all admit that there is something relaxing about looking at or sitting beside a pool that makes even the lowest of days better.

It’s a benefit that pool installers may never tell you when building a pool or spa in your home.


What are you waiting for to set the holiday mood in your backyard and save yourself from costly destinations during school holidays? Unsure how a pool will look in your yard? An augmented reality app can give you the exact picture of what to expect!

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