Redfin is a real estate company that offers home sellers and buyers commission reductions of up to 20%-30% and rebates. The savings potential is real.

Since its launch in 2004, Redfin has grown to become the leading discount real estate agency in the United States. According to data from REAL Trends, its agents served over 530,000 customers and handled billions of dollars in real estate transactions to date.

The company aspires to provide the same basic services as traditional realtors at a fraction of the price.

Redfin boasts a listing fee of 1.5%, which is around half of what most agents charge.

The lower rate offered by Redfin could result in significant savings.

However, like with most budget brokerages, those savings could come at the cost of service quality.

What’s the magic behind Redfin?

The largest real estate broker is Redfin. To entice customers, its business concept offers realtor-like services at a discounted price.

They compensate for their low prices by employing a salaried workforce and upselling existing clients on add-on services and premium support. Redfin agents are responsible for a huge number of consumers. By promoting its real estate agent service through its mobile app and website, Redfin saves money on marketing. The major stumbling block is guaranteeing constant service quality. The amount of attention and help Redfin agents can provide throughout a sale or purchase is limited due to their tech-centric approach and high volume of customers.

They achieve this by:

  • Increasing the number of customers per agent
  • Using a paid staff and integrated technology to cut operating costs
  • Charging bare minimum fees for lower-priced properties
  • Enticing new customers by using its popular house search app.
  • Current clients might be upsold on add-on services and premium support.

Does Redfin really charge 1% as fees?

Despite the fact that Redfin advertises a fixed commission rate, reductions are subject to minimum fees that range from $2,000 to $7,000 depending on the region. Redfin’s commission minimums could diminish or even eliminate your potential savings if you’re selling a less costly house in a more expensive area.

Despite the fact that their regular listing charge is 1.5 %, Redfin heavily advertises a 1% commission. What’s the deal with that? Customers who sell and buy with Redfin within a 12-month period are eligible for further discounts.

If you meet the criteria, Redfin will lower your listing cost to 1%. If you sell first, Redfin will charge you a 1.5% listing fee, with the remaining 0.5% refunded once you buy your new property.

Are Redfin agents better than traditional agents?

Yes, Redfin agents are generally trustworthy. They employ a vetting process and provide on-the-job training. However, because Redfin agents are paid a salary rather than a %age-based commission, they may be less motivated to obtain the best price for your house than a typical agent.

Working with Redfin agents has a number of disadvantages that are due to the company’s business model rather than the agents themselves.

The most significant distinction between Redfin agents and typical realtors is that Redfin agents close around three times as many transactions as the average realtor.

Redfin portrays this as a positive, claiming that its agents are more knowledgeable than their counterparts at traditional brokerages. In practice, though, this high-volume business model means you’re competing for your agent’s time and attention with 3x more consumers.

If your agent becomes overworked, they may be unable to offer you the specialized assistance you require during negotiations and other critical stages of the sales process.

Pros and Cons of Redfin

Although Redfin Reviews are mixed and can leave you perplexed, it has received mostly positive feedback. Consumer Affairs, Yelp, and Google all received 3.9 out of 5 ratings on average.

When compared to typical full-service real estate brokerages, Redfin has a number of advantages. However, you should carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks as well.

We’ve sifted through the many reviews you can evaluate whether Redfin is the best solution for you or if another discount service offers better value.


Saves your extra cash

Redfin is preferred by most sellers because of its minimal fees. And those selling with Redfin reviews agree that the savings are real. When opposed to listing with a standard agency and offering a 3% commission rate to both agents, this Yelp reviewer said they saved $17,000.

Convenient yet robust technology

Despite the fact that many bargain brokers claim to have user-friendly technology, Redfin’s well-known platform remains the gold standard. Millions of people have downloaded Redfin’s home search app. And, for the most part, users are raving about it. This isn’t simply advantageous to buyers. Because of the app’s popularity, Redfin sellers have an advantage because the firm prioritizes its listings when consumers search for houses.

Safer alternative than the others

There are drawbacks where it concerns the quality of service, but because you’re working with a branded bargain broker like Redfin, the odds are slimmer. Redfin agents have extensive training in the home market, thus risks are less likely to emerge. They employ a collaborative approach, including several parties in a single transaction to ensure enough oversight and expertise.


Not worth the effort

According to Redfin, the average commission refund is $1,500. In comparison to the house buyer rebates offered by other discount providers, this appears to be a bit lacking. The savings were not worth the drawbacks for this first-time homebuyer. Even though they received a little rebate, they believed their agent was more concerned with sealing the transaction than with working for their best interests.

Erratic Assistance

Although Redfin’s service quality risks are lower than those of other cheap brokers, customers can still expect less hands-on assistance than with traditional realtors. This is supported by Redfin reviews. Since Redfin agents serve three times as many clients as the average realtor, you’re more likely to come across Redfin agent reviews that include annoying errors and delays. Working with various Redfin agents, for example, this realtor ran into a number of issues.

Premium service is too pricey

Redfin may try to upsell you on its Concierge Service if you list with them. This premium listing package has more features than the basic plan, but it costs about the same as hiring a typical agent. In most circumstances, choosing Redfin’s normal 1.5 % listing fee and employing local contractors to help you get your house market-ready will save you the most money.

Are there any better alternatives?

Redfin’s costs are in the middle of the pack when compared to other bargain brands, despite the fact that it delivers substantial savings. This option may provide superior value depending on your situation and objectives.


Zillow, as one of the greatest real estate websites, shares some of Redfin’s features, including property listings and house value estimates (Zestimate). Despite the fact that both platforms employ data analytics to calculate house values, the techniques and components are different. Their agents, on the other hand, are what differentiates them. Zillow’s agents aren’t hired from within the company. That means the majority of the agents on the site paid Zillow to be there, with some paying more to increase their visibility to potential clients. Redfin, on the other hand, is a full-service real estate firm that pays a real estate agent compensation. To put it another way, they are Redfin workers who work in-house. This does not, however, imply that Zillow’s agents are unprofessional. They are well-trained professionals with a wealth of knowledge who can assist you in increasing the value of your home and completing the sale.


Houzeo isn’t your typical flat-fee MLS or for-sale-by-owner service provider. It’s one of the most sophisticated For Sale by Owner Websites in the market. The total procedure works quickly once you’ve decided to sell your home—all necessary documentation and listing paperwork are available online! Furthermore, there are no closing expenses or commissions paid to the listing agent. A normal flat fee MLS will charge you a listing fee and then leave you alone on the market. Houzeo, on the other hand, offers a variety of packages to suit your home-selling needs, ranging from basic to full service. You’ll be listed on major websites like, Zillow, Trulia, and a slew of others. Furthermore, Redfin’s 1% listing charge may appear unappealing when compared to Houzeo’s pricing package, which costs only $199 to begin listing. It’s even less than Redfin’s 1% commission for listing agents. Additionally, listing your home with Redfin may come with a number of restrictions, and certain states aren’t even available. Despite the fact that Redfin provides online tools and a dashboard, Houzeo also provides the IntelliList Listing Management System. It allows you to update your listing details, sign your Listing Agreement online, and track the development of your listing in some ways. Essentially, it performs the same function as Redfin’s feature, but at a lower cost.

Visit Houzeo and list your home if you’re looking for the most advanced Flat Fee MLS/FSBO platform with boundless leverage and cutting-edge technology.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff