Thirdlove Review 2024: Is Thirdlove Com Legit Or A Scam?

by Moore Martin

Thirdlove Review

Thirdlove Review


In this Thirdlove review, we delve deep into the legitimacy of If you’ve been contemplating whether Thirdlove is a legitimate platform or a potential scam, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ll provide you with unbiased insights backed by concrete evidence, ensuring you make informed decisions.


What is Thirdlove?

Thirdlove operates as an online retailer specializing in bras, underwear, activewear, and swimwear. Their product range includes items like the Second Skin Unlined bra, Smoothing Front Close Bra, Bikini 3 Pack Box, Classic Bikini Swim Set, High Waist Bikini Bottom, and more.

Website Information was registered on 3rd September 2011 and is set to expire on 3rd September 2025, according to WHOIS records. The website boasts a trust score of 100%, ensuring reliability and authenticity. For updated scam alerts, platforms like BuzRush offer comprehensive reviews.

Evaluating Thirdlove: The Pros and Cons


  • High Trust Score: boasts a commendable trust score of 100%, reflecting reliability.
  • Secure Transactions: The presence of a valid SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol ensures secure transactions.
  • Established Domain: With a domain age dating back to 2011, Thirdlove demonstrates longevity and stability.
  • Transparent Policies: The platform offers clear and accessible policies, enhancing customer trust.


  • Negative Reviews: Despite its trustworthiness, Thirdlove has garnered negative reviews on external platforms.

Legitimacy Assessment

Key Indicators

  • Website Age: Established since 2011, Thirdlove’s longevity suggests credibility.
  • Trust Score: A perfect score of 100% on platforms like scamadviser enhances its legitimacy.
  • Customer Feedback: While there are no evident complaints, customer feedback remains pivotal.
  • Contact Information: Limited contact details raise slight concerns, urging for improved transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment and Delivery

  • Payment Modes: Thirdlove accepts online payment methods for convenience.
  • Delivery Time: Delivery timeframes are not explicitly specified by the platform.

Website Details

  • Website Age: was registered on 3rd September 2011 and is valid until 3rd September 2025.
  • Discount Offers: Customers can avail a $15 discount on their first order.
  • Contact Information: Limited contact options are available, including a text-based contact number.

Our Verdict

After thorough evaluation, Thirdlove emerges as a reputable platform with a strong trust rating of 100%. However, occasional negative reviews and limited contact information warrant cautious consideration. We advise potential customers to conduct thorough research before making purchases. For more insights on scam websites and preventive measures, platforms like BuzRush offer valuable resources.


In conclusion, Thirdlove presents itself as a legitimate online retailer, backed by a solid trust score and established domain. While it offers transparency and secure transactions, customer feedback and contact details could be further improved. Making informed decisions and staying updated on scam alerts remain essential in navigating online shopping safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Payment Modes Available?

Thirdlove accepts online payment methods for seamless transactions.

What Is The Delivery Timeframe?

Delivery timelines are not explicitly stated by Thirdlove.

How Old Is The Website? was registered in 2011 and is set to expire in 2025.

What Discount Offers Are Available?

Customers can enjoy a $15 discount on their first order through Thirdlove.

How Can I Contact Thirdlove?

Contact options include a text-based contact number provided on the website.

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