Top 10 Best Selling Art ItemsTo Bring Out The Artist In Your Kid

by Carter Toni

Imagination, curiosity and creativity are some of the best traits that are naturally inherent in children and are crucial for the overall development at an early stage of life. Art is a thing that every child loves. It offers a means for children to express their thoughts and feelings and fosters their imagination and creativity. Many researches also state that indulging in these activities not only help kids to learn to draw, paint or sculpt but develop their problem solving and motor skills by providing different sensory stimulations. However, these days most kids are addicted to electronic devices which have detrimental effects on them and that is why now it is more important than ever to indulge them into these activities. Today we are going to talk about artitems that will keep your kid engaged and away from the electronic devices. Here is the list of top 10 art items to bring out the artist in your kid.

Finger Paint Kit

Finger Paint Kit is a must have art supply item for one year old toddlers. These toddlers may have not yet developed capabilities to hold a paint brush or a crayon and would use their fingers and hands. It would help in developing their senses and help them to recognize colors. They just need to dip their fingers and hands in the paint and print them randomly on the piece of paper.

Palm Grip Crayons

As your kids get a little older, they will find creating art more and more interesting. They would love doodling with the crayons but it would be difficult for them to hold the skinny crayons with their tiny hands. These palm grip crayons are ideal as they are made to be held by those tiny hands. It makes creating art easier and fun for kids. It is best suited for kids of the of 2 years.

Non Toxic Washable PaintAnd Crayons

It is well known that kids don’t paint only on paper or sketchbooks but they paint whatever that comes in their way which might be fun for the kids but a nightmare for their parents. The non toxic washable paints and crayons are a life saver for the parents as they can be cleaned easily after their kids are done painting with them. It is best suited for kids of ages up to 6 years old.

Doodle Pad

Doodle pads are one of the most important art items that every kid should have. We may not understand the significance of the wavy and random doodles drawn by kids but it is a medium of expression for them. There are many type of doodle pads in the market including the traditional ones and magnetic doodle pads that can be reset again and again. It is best suited for kids of ages 3 and above.

Waterproof Art Smock

When it comes to painting, we all know that children are messy. They get the paint on themselves and their clothes which then become impossible to remove. The waterproof art smock is an easy solution for this. It will be no different for the kids but it will save their clothes from getting stained which would be a major sense of relief for the parents. It is best suited for kids in the age range of 3 to 8 years old.

Origami Kit

Origami is an art of creating different objects and animals by folding of paper methodically. It may seem a little complicated but is actually quite easy with instructions. These kits contains colorful double sided paper and detailed instruction manual to create different objects and animal figures. It is best suited for ages 5 and above.

Comic Book Kit

It is a perfect gift for the kids who love to tell stories through their art. It has all the items that are necessary and will help the kids to express their ideas, thoughts or whatever that is going o their minds in the form of a comic book. It is the perfect thing to aid the imagination of children. It is best suitable for the kids of ages 8 and above.

Art Set

An art set consists of many different types of colors including crayons, sketch pens, water colors, acrylic colors, pencil colors etc and sketchbook. It comes in many different sizes and is perfect for the older kids who love to paint and drawas it consists of everything that they would need and that too in one portable box. It is best suitable for kids of ages 10 and above.

Clay Set

Playing with clay is both a fun activity and also helps children in their development. It helps improve eye hand coordination, develop motor skills and small muscles in hands by the squishing, squeezing and pulling actions while playing with it. It also opens a door for unlimited possibilities of things to be created. They can create whatever they like or think about which makes it an interesting activity for them. It is best suited for the kids of ages 5 and above.

Fluid Art Kit

A fluid art comes with a set of small canvases and different colors. One can pour different colors on the canvas and let them flow randomly to create interesting and beautiful looking patterns. It helps children to try different color combinations and make beautiful fluid paintings which can also be used later to decorate their rooms. It is best suited for kids of ages 8 and above.

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