A recent survey has revealed that Christmas clipart is the most searched clipart search in the UK. The analysis, which was conducted by clipart image provider Design Bundles, showed that Christmas clipart has been googled an average of 22,200 times in October, November and December.

In the same time period, Christmas clipart also topped the most googled clipart design list in the United States, with an average of 90,500 online searches each month.

Christmas clipart’s top spot is likely due to the seasonal period and probably means that it will see a dramatic decrease in the following months of the new year. It is the only seasonal clip art design to have made the top ten list and has a search volume that is over 10,000 higher than the next most googled design.

Top ten most googled clipart designs in the UK

Flower and star clipart are in joint second place of the top ten most googled designs list. Both styles have an average search volume of 12,100 per month. They are iconic images that can be used for lots of different purposes, such as adverts and company logos.

Flowers are a popular design due to their bright and bold colours. As with Christmas clipart, the term is fairly broad and covers lots of different designs. Floral borders are popular on invitations, whilst simple five-petal flowers can also be used to decorate logos and printed documents such as leaflets.

The popularity of star clipart could be due to their use as rewards for young children. Teachers and parents across the country use star charts to reward children for good behaviour. They are also popular decorations for children’s bedrooms if they have opted for a nighttime theme.

In third place, with 9,900 searches on average per month, is word clipart. Although some users may have been trying to Google the clipart feature on Microsoft Word, there is also a high demand by graphic designers for clipart style words to put on posters and leaflets that advertise companies and events.

Sun, heart and tree clipart all rank in fourth place with an average of 8,100 online searches each month from October to December. Many sun clipart designs are stylised and feature the sun with a smiley face, which is often appealing to young children. Tree clipart, on the other hand, is usually more realistic, although there are also a few basic cartoon designs.

Heart clipart designs will likely see a sharp increase in Google searches around Valentine’s Day, which could push this design higher up the list in the coming months. The clipart options for hearts feature simple red designs, as well as more complex patterns such as entwined hearts.

The final three clipart searches in the top ten list are car, cat and dinosaur designs. Each design had an average of 6,600 online searches over the course of three months. This is an average of 15,600 fewer Google searches per month than Christmas clipart had in the same time period.

Car, cat and dinosaur clipart aren’t tied to a particular season or time of year, which means that they probably hold on to their popularity all year-round. Car designs are likely to be popular with businesses that are in the motor industry as they can be used on advertising leaflets and posters. Equally, cat designs are probably popular with veterinary practices, animal rescues and other animal-related industries.

Cats and dinosaurs are the only animals to feature in the top ten list, whilst cars are the only vehicle. All three of these designs often feature smiley faces and bright colours. They tend to be simple cartoons that are made from basic shapes, usually with curved edges. This also makes them easier to cut out if you decide to print the designs off your computer.

Clipart illustrations tend to be drawn in a basic style, but it is still obvious what the artist is depicting. They are usually quick and easy to replicate and can be contained in a single block, rather than having multiple sections that are separate from the rest of the image. This means that the images don’t take up lots of space and can be easily overlapped with other images and used alongside text.

The table below shows the UK’s most popular searches for clipart from October to November 2021. The results are based on the average online search volume of each design per month.

Design Average volume of online searches (October to December 2021)
Christmas clipart 22,200
Flower clipart 12,100
Star clipart 12,100
Word clipart 9,900
Heart clipart 8,100
Sun clipart 8,100
Tree clipart 8,100
Car clipart 6,600
Cat clipart 6,600
Dinosaur clipart 6,600

What is clipart?

Clipart images are a collection of graphic art that are premade and can be used for a variety of purposes. They are often royalty-free stock images that you can use if you haven’t got a budget to commission your own work or haven’t got the ability to design them yourself.

The simple illustrations can be used on leaflets and posters to advertise your services in the local community or on a party invitation. There are countless ways that you can use clipart images, although you should always check the royalty and copyright permissions of each image to see whether you can use them for advertising purposes or other designs that will be made public.

You can download free graphic resources online or purchase them from dedicated websites. There tend to be more options for popular designs, such as the ones featured on this list. Obscure designs usually have fewer options and you may have to pay for their use.

Clipart images tend to be raster or vector graphics, which means that they can be enlarged or shrunk, depending on your purposes. You can import the images onto software such as Microsoft Word and Photoshop. The designs are often simple, which makes them appealing to children and companies that want a basic design.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff