Top 10 side hustles if you know Spanish!

by Sean Dixon

Whenever you think, hey why should I learn Spanish or what is the use of learning any new foreign language, you automatically think “I can work in a Spain”! We know that professionals in Spain earn quite an attractive salary this is of course based on upon the work and the company of course.

But what if I told you that a “salary in a Spanish speaking country” is only one among many big earners and not even the best one? There are so many advantages of learning a new language. You can travel more, you get exposure to various beautiful cultures, you open yourself up to thousands of possibilities and even improve your education opportunities. However these are not the monetary advantages. In this blog, we will list down the top 10 monetary advantages of learning Spanish

  1. A job in a Spanish speaking Country (DUHHH!!! The obvious one…)

The main language spoken in Spain and across South America. Without Spanish, getting by in these areas would be nigh impossible. However, if you do master Spanish, you’d be one among the few people applying for any MNC job in these regions and hence will be quite decently paid. Professionals working for MNCs can easily earn a mid to high range starting salary.

  1. Teaching Spanish online

Did you know that the online language learning industry is massive and that millions of students learn Spanish online? The average pay for a beginner teacher with absolutely no ratings is about $10 per hour. Experienced teachers make well over $30 an hour. Some teachers charge $300 or $400 for a month of weekly classes. With ten students in your class, you could be settled for life.

  1. Translation of Documents

There are many websites such as Fiverr which people go to for getting translation work done. This could be for websites, documentation, youtube etc. They pay $100 – $500 per gig and sometimes even more. There are many out there who make well over $100K from just translating documents for companies and banks.

  1. Become a Spanish Proof reader

This is again similar to the above. A novelist requires a proof reader to verify their work. This kind of work is a lot of fun and also pays a ton of money as a new novelist usually needs to pay upwards of $2000 for just proof reading a single novel and provide corrections. You can find tons of Spanish proof reading jobs on Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer.

  1. Starting a Spanish Blog

You’ve always thought about blogs in English. What about writing blogs in Spanish? How about writing blogs on learning Spanish? The opportunities are infinite! For example, is one of the popular Spanish learning blogs which provides Spanish and English dual language short stories. Such blogs earn anywhere from a $100 a month to even a million!

  1. Tour Guide in Spain

Tons of students become tour guides for earning a quick buck. You can earn money through tips and actually do quite well. Some people even quit their full time jobs to become tour guides since they earn around $5000 in just tips. FYI, you don’t need to be fluent in Spanish. You need to be fluent enough in Spanish to charm travellers

  1. Spanish language Interpreter

With many Spanish MNCs, banks, companies and luxury brands becoming household names across the world, there is a need for Spanish language interpreters who can join meetings and help with interpretation between clients. I’ve met many Spanish people in IT companies who’s only job is to join meetings and provide translation whenever required.

  1. Become a language buddy

Ever heard of a language buddy? A language buddy is simply someone who talks to you in Spanish! They charge about $15 an hour and they are in incredible demand. You can find thousands of gigs online for this.

  1. Make language videos on YouTube

YouTube is where the big bucks lie! There are thousands of channels dedicated to learning languages. You could start your own Spanish language learning channel and pull in a dedicated crowd! You could make thousands of dollars just through educative videos and a dedicated following!

  1. Teach English as a Foreign language

Just like how we learn Spanish, people in Spain strive to learn English. Immigrants from across Europe strive to learn English as well. So you could find a thriving profession teaching English as a foreign language. Cool right?

Happy earning through Spanish!!!!

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