Top 5 Tips to Reach IELTS Writing Band 9!

by Glenn Maxwell

Top 5 Tips to Reach IELTS Writing Band 9!

Though getting IELTS band 9 is hard, it is not impossible. Many have the efficiency to reach the score. Unfortunately, they are not getting it because of silly mistakes and a lack of strategies. IELTS examiners say that candidates fail to achieve the score due to some common errors. So, you have the chance to get band 9 by avoiding those mistakes. This article will share the top five writing tips to improve your IELTS score.

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1. Read through the question carefully:

Reading and understanding an IELTS question is crucial for a good score. You may write a wrong answer in the case of misunderstanding the question which will result in a poor band score. So, go through questions carefully, understand what it asks and make sure you are writing the accurate answer.

Remember that the IELTS question is designed to evaluate your lexical and grammatical accuracy. It doesn’t require an answer with an in-depth analysis of a topic. However, your answer should cover all points asked in the question.

Let’s see an example question:

In many countries, parents are deciding to have children later in their lives.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of this trend?

In this question, you are asked to write the pros and cons of this tendency only.

2. Brainstorm your structure:

After getting the meaning of the question, do not just start writing. You should brainstorm the idea at first instead. Think about the question for 30 to 60 seconds and let all possible ideas come to your mind.

Though you will have multiple ideas this way, you need to choose the most appropriate one. Before choosing an idea, think thoroughly if it is simple and relates to the question. A simple but relevant idea is enough to impress the examiner.

Here is an example question:

Eating more and moving less cause obesity.

What are the causes of obesity?

How to prevent it?

Before answering the question, you can note down your ideas in the following way:

Reasons: overeating, lack of exercise = overweight. Solution = calorie deficit 

Example: consuming low calorie, or regular physical activity

3. Transitions are important:

Transitions are like ornaments of good writing. Including them in your writing in a balanced way is a secret to getting a higher IELTS band score. These words or phrases dramatically improve writing by showing the connection between ideas in sentences and paragraphs. Using transitions accurately will let your IELTS examiner better understand the sense of your writing.

However, overusing transitions can ruin your writing quality. Many tend to start every sentence with transitions that looks weird. You should always put transition words where they come naturally. Otherwise, try starting a sentence with a noun all the time.

4. Check your sentence structure:

Your band score doesn’t depend on the length of your answer. The examiner will evaluate your grammar and vocabulary efficiency in the writing test. So, you should master the three basic sentence structures. Your writing will look excellent if you combine simple, complex, and compound sentence structures perfectly. Writing complex and compound sentences show your advanced grammatical skill. Moreover, using complex sentence structures will make your writing and speaking more natural. For example:

Simple: He bought his friend’s house.

Complex: He bought the house that belonged to his friend.

Here, the complex sentence sounds much better than the simple one. You should also use sentence connectors to beautify your writing. However, don’t overdo anything.

5. Always remember to double-check:

Checking your answers before submitting the answer sheet is crucial to find out unintentional mistakes. To have 5 minutes at least for the double-check, you have to utilize the exam time carefully. Go through every sentence to find if there are any grammatical or punctuation mistakes. Additionally, correct prepositions and the right form of verbs if you find any. The final check is important since a little mistake can impact your band score.

Final Words:

Now, you know five proven tips to get band 9 on the IELTS writing test. To tell you the truth, learning these tips will not help you unless you can utilize them during the exam. AmazingTalker, one of the best online language learning platforms, also offers IELTS courses. Its 線上英文 is full of resources for a good IELTS score. The best thing about an AmazingTalker’s 線上課程 is that a native tutor with a higher IELTS band score will conduct it. Their guidelines will truly assist you to understand what IELTS examiners really want.

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