Top 50 Shoe Tips and Tricks You Will Wish You Knew Sooner

by Carter Toni

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Shoes are your constant companions, except probably for that time when you are in your bed, or in your house premises. These shoes protect your feet, while you walk and do your day to day work. Shoes are with you on your feet all day long and they need to be essentially comfortable for you and for your feet. A good pair of shoes is basically comfortable, but there are many tips and tricks that can make your shoes more comfortable than before. Comfort is even more important when you have some issue in your feet, and for such issues there are arch support slippers in the market. These tips and tricks will definitely make your feet thankful to you, for making your shoes a pleasurable wear for them.

These are the tips and tricks to make your shoes a more comfortable wear

1. You can use some sandpaper on the soles

New shoes often have a bit slippery soles and their grips are not dependable. You can apply some sandpaper on the soles of your new shoes to make them bit rough. It will provide a better grip on the surface, while you walk.

(Image: © Realsimple)

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2. Your steam iron will help to remove your shoe’s creases

You better avoid creases on your shoes at the first place, as far as possible. But if it is there, you can use your steam iron on your shoes, to remove the creases. Just put a piece of wet cloth on your shoe’s crease and apply a gentle rub with your steam iron. Your sneakers will be as good as new.

Fix creases with a steam iron

(Image: © RetroSnickers)

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3. You can use deodorants on your shoes

Blisters on your feet are common hazards after long use of your shoes. You can put some clear gel deodorant on the inner heels of your shoes. This will help in preventing blisters on your feet.

Prevent blisters with deodorant

(Image: © Realsimple)

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4. You can stop your shoes from squealing

The squeaks from your shoes are really annoying. You can stop them by putting some baby powder underneath your inner shoe soles. It will help stop you shoes from squealing by increasing cohesion between both parts of the shoe.

get rid of squealing shoes

(Image: © Wikihow)

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5. You can try some new patterns in tying your shoelaces

You can make your footwear to look different by trying some new ways to tie up your shoelaces. Be different and be unique.

your shoelace patterns

(Image: © Europapress)

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6. You can widen your boot shafts

Boots with tight grips are irritating and uncomfortable. You just put some newspapers to stuff your boot shafts. Remove them while putting on your boots and have a comfortable walk.

Easily widen your boot shafts

(Image: © Leaf)

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7. Put caps on your heels for safety

Heel caps can very quickly fix your broken shoe heels. You can use them to protect your shoes and yourself too.

Heel caps are true lifesavers

(Image: © Gogoheel)

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8. You can create your own inner soles

Some of the conventional inner soles, coming with your shoes are not that comfortable. You can just take some thick and tough fabric and cut them to fit in your shoes as inner soles. You just feel the change in your walk.

Create your own inner soles

(Image: © instructables)

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9. You can make your flip flops flexible

You need to cover the straps of your flip flops with soft fabric and notice the change in your comfort, while wearing them. The straps will be incredibly soft.

Soften your flip-flop straps

(Image: © Sassysanctuary)

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10. You can loosen up the tip of your shoes

You have to take an air tight bag and fill it with water. Just stick them to the toe areas of your shoes and put your shoes in your freezer for a night. The toes of your shoes will expand by the expansion of water while turning into ice.

Widen shoe toes in the freezer

(Image: © Betterremade)

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11. Use Tea bags to get rid of the stink from your shoes

Stinking shoe are social nuisance. You can put unused tea bags in your shoes and they will absorb the stink from your shoes.

Tea bags to the rescue

(Image: © Getsumrun)

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12. You can use moleskin to soften up your shoe straps

Tight shoe straps are painful. You just put some moleskin on your shoe straps to make them comfortable.

tight shoe straps with moleskin

(Image: © Theshoedoctorisin)

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13. Heel grips help you control your shoes better

You can insert heel grips into your shoes that will help you ease your pain and increase your movement during long wears of your heels.

control over your shoes with heel grips

(Image: © Yesstyle)

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14. You can put patches on your heels

This will help you to save your shoes from wearing out and make them look like new.

heal linings a new life with patches

(Image: © instructables)

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15. You should insert some arch supports in your shoes

This will help you to be protected from pain around the arch areas of your feet. It also helps to remove your body stress to some degrees.

arch support inserts

(Image: © Amazon)

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16.  Easily remove water stains from your shoes

You can put some vinegar on a tooth brush to remove water stains from your shoes easily.

get rid of water stains

(Image: © Harpersbazaar)

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17. You can make your shoes waterproof

Just apply some beeswax on your shoes to make them waterproof. It protects the color of your shoes and also from water stains. Apart from this, you can also visit this site to find a great variety of waterproof shoes.

DIY Waterproof Shoes

(Image: © brit)

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18. You should always buy your shoes in the evening

Your feet swell during the day. So it takes its actual shape and size in the evening only. That is the right time to buy your right fitting shoes.

shoes during evenings

(Image: © prague-stay)

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19. Use a dryer on your new shoes

It will help in making your shoes comfortable to wear. You just put some thick socks and blow dry your new shoes, while wearing them. This will loosen up your shoes.

shoes comfortable by using a dryer

(Image: © Thekrazycouponlady)

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20. Panty liners are great sweat absorbers

You can put your panty liners in your shoes. They will absorb the sweat and reduce chances of stinking smell.

panty liners to absorb sweat

(Image: © Thekrazycouponlady)

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21. It is better to make your heels shorter

High heels have their risks. Short heels make the shoes more comfortable to wear and give better life to your shoes.

Make your heels shorter

(Image: © Lesantimodernes)

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22. You can prevent chafing feet

By just putting some K-Y Jelly on your heels, while using your sports or running shoes.

solution against chafing

(Image: © Allforfashiondesign)

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23. You can fix scuffs by using Vaseline

You can restore your shoes by using some petroleum jelly on a cotton swab and gently rub it on the scuffs of your shoes, to remove them.

scuffs with some vaseline

(Image: © Elle)

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24. You can keep your boots water free

A rainy day can soak your boots. Just keep some old newspapers and insert them in your boots. They will be dry and good again.

Keep your boots moisture-free

(Image: © Plus)

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25. Keep your feet warm during winter

By just inserting some wooly fabric in your shoes, before putting them on. Your feet will be warm and cozy.

wool into your soles

(Image: © Thekrazycouponlady)

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26. Sneaker protectors are good to protect creases on your shoes

Sneaker protectors are great help to keep your new sneakers free from creases. You may not need them anymore after a while.

sneaker protectors to prevent creases

(Image: © Reshoevn8r)

27. Taping your toes while wearing heels is good help

If you tape your toes together, it will help in removing your stress while you put on your high heels. Try it to experience it.

Tape your toes when wearing heels

(Image: © Sparkpeople)

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28. No tie shoe laces are the in things

They are the best and keep you safe from tripping. These shoelaces are strechables and can be trimmed later.

Grab a pair of no-tie shoelaces

(Image: © Amazon)

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29. Toothpastes are best shoe cleaners

Just rub some white toothpaste over your shoes. It will make your shoes chaff free and as good as new.

Clean shoes with a magic eraser

(Image: © Life Hacks)

Watch Video “Toothpastes

30. Bread pieces are great suede shoe cleaners

Bread pieces help to remove stains from suede shoes, instead of cloths.

Clean suede shoes with pieces

(Image: © Today)

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31. Blister protective spray is a great help

Apply some blister protective spray on your feet before putting on your shoes, if you are prone to get blisters.

special blister-protective spray

(Image: © Amazon)

Where to get it – Click here

32. Make your old shoes as new

You can make your old shoes new by applying some buttons or decorations. Be creative.

old shoes a new look

(Image: © shanty-2-chic)

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33. You should regularly use feet spray

This helps to keep your feet fresh while you wear your shoes. It also gives a better grip in your shoes.

feet spray regularly

(Image: © Pinterest)

34. Use heel protectors’ outdoors

Heel protectors help you to protect your feet and your heels when you are outdoors in your heels.

balance on heels outdoors

(Image: © Amazon)

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35. Shoe pegs are good investments

Shoe pegs can store your shoes better off the ground and give them longer lives.

Invest in shoe pegs

(Image: © Sawdustgirl)

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36. Glue gun provides better traction in your shoes

You can use glue gun to create your own grips, by providing better traction. Try it to know it.

traction with a hot glue gun

(Image: © Instagram)

37. Your shoes can be stretched further

By using special tools available in the market. It can make your footwear your perfect size.

little bit of extra stretch

(Image: © Footsmart)

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38.Your flip flops can be easily repaired

You can do it with a bread tag or with a flat washer and wear them happily.

Easily repair a loose flip-flop

(Image: © Buzzfeed)

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39. You can clean your fleece lined slippers

You can use dish soap on a piece of linen and remove the stains. The dry slippers are as good as new.

Fleece-lined slippers a pain to clean

(Image: © Jennahsgarden)

40. Banana peel can give new life to your old shoes

Just rub a banana peel over your old leather shoes and they will instantly look like new.

Revitalize leather with a banana peel

(Image: © Officialesliecrow)

41. Blisters can be cured with black tea

Just soak your blistered feet in black tea. It will help you.

Black tea helps with blisters

42. Glass cleaners make your patent leather shoes shine

Spray a bit of glass cleaner on your shoes and rub it with a piece of cloth. Just watch your patent leather shoes shine.

Shine patent leather with glass cleaner

(Image: © Wikimedia)

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43. Nail polish remover cleans your white sneakers best

Wipe your white sneakers with nail polish removers and watch them shine as new.

white sneakers with nail polish remover

(Image: © Flickr)

44. Nail file helps buff stains from suede shoes

Use the side of a nail file and your suede shoes will be rightly buffed.

Buff out stains on suede with a nail

(Image: © Flickr)

45. You can keep your tall boots erect

Use pool noodles and cut them to right size. Stuff them inside your tall boots and it will keep them stand straight.

tall boots from falling

(Image: © Didyasee)

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46. Dry shampoo can keep your feet free from sweat

Spray a bit of dry shampoo in your shoes before putting them on. It will absorb all the inside moisture.

dry shampoo

(Image: © Akronohiomoms)

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47. Pencil erasers also help in removing scruffs

Use the eraser on the scruff of your shoes and see the effects.

 pencil eraser to remove scuffs

(Image: © Wikimedia)

48. You can make your no tie laces by yourself

Use elastic cord in place of your old shoe laces. Sew to the tongue and your no tie laces are ready.

own no-tie laces

(Image: © Flickr)

49. Shoe deodorizing spray you can make

Mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and apple cider vinegar, with few drops of tea tree oil. Your Do It Yourself shoe deodorizer is ready to spray.

DIY shoe deodorizing spray

(Image: © Craftyourhappiness)

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50. Use your shoe laces for your best fittings

Use the specific lacing pattern that is best suited for your feet, not otherwise.

shoe laces for your best fittings

(Image: © Heandsheeatclean)

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These shoe tips and tricks will help your wearing shoes and walking in them a great fun.

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