Total Enhance Rx Review – A supplement for male sexual enhancement

Total Enhance RxApart from food, security, and shelter, the other extremely important biological need that most human beings have are sexual needs. Every person in the world has sexual urges at some point in their lives, and not being able to perform sexually is quite frustrating to most people – especially men. There are two main facets that are important to male sexual performance. One is the ability to get and maintain an erection, and the other is to be able to perform in bed in terms of stamina and strength. While sexual libido and performance are considered a taboo subject to discuss if not occurring perfectly and naturally, the truth is that many men struggle with sexual performance and stamina due to a variety of reasons. It could be due to lifestyle problems, stress, health concerns, and a host of other numerous factors.

To combat this subject that many men are too shy and ashamed to seek treatment for, there are a number of products in the market today that claim to enhance the sexual performance of men. This can be done through a variety of ways, by improving the ability to maintain an erection, by treating erectile dysfunction, by improving blood flow to the genitals, etc.

If you are wondering whether there is any product that will help increase the level of your sexual performance and thereby help you feel more confident, check out this review of Total Enhance Rx.

What is Total Enhance Rx?

Total Enhance Rx, as the name suggests is an enhancement supplement for men to improve their sexual performance. It works by improving blood flow to the genitals thereby helping you maintain a stronger and a longer erection. It also helps with erectile dysfunction. If you find your interest in sex lackluster lately, Total Enhance Rx can also help with your libido and make you more interested in sex. It is manufactured by Endure Health Alliance LLC, founded in 2017. It is headquartered in Sheridan; Wyoming and the company primarily manufacture supplements that improve male sexual performance. It was developed for those struggling with their sexual performance, and for those who are too shy to visit a physician to get their sexual problems treated.

What goes into Total Enhance Rx? I.e., what are the ingredients in the product?

Total Enhance Rx primarily works by increasing the level of the male sex hormone, testosterone in the body. Testosterone is responsible not just for improving the sexual function of males but is also responsible for a host of other things such as better muscle mass, strength, and stamina. While testosterone is produced naturally by the body, sometimes the levels of testosterone produced by the body is not adequate. It is to combat this deficiency in the natural production of testosterone that a supplement such as Total Enhance Rx is preferred. Here are some of the main ingredients in Total Enhance Rx.

There are three main active ingredients in Total Enhance Rx that boost sexual performance and the production of testosterone in the body. There may be other ingredients as well, that one can assess by a quick glance at the label.

  • Honey Goat Weed: If you ever pick up a supplement that claims to improve male sexual performance, you will find that honey goat weed finds a prominent place. It is extremely beneficial for improving blood flow, and thereby for improving and maintaining the ability to keep erections. It can also improve libido and is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The main extract from Honey Goat Weed is lacarrin.
  • Maca Root: This ingredient is famed for being amino acid and protein-dense. One of the best things it does is to build the strength of the body and the muscles of the body. It also improves blood flow, and therefore, is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: This ingredient is the main one for improving the levels of testosterone in the body. If your sexual health concerns are due to a lack of natural testosterone, an ingredient such as Tribulus Terrestris can be of great benefit. It produces extra nitric oxide in the body, improves the libido, and also helps with maintaining better erections.

What are the advantages of consuming Total Enhance Rx?

  • Improves libido: One of the biggest advantages of Total Enhance Rx is that it improves your libido. By improving blood flow to your genitals and due to the ingredients present in the product, Total Enhance Rx ensures that all common problems associated with virility and a lack of sexual urge can be tackled efficiently. By improving blood flow to the genitals not just does the product help you get better erections, but it also helps you maintain them for longer.
  • Ideal for those suffering from erectile dysfunction: One of the conditions that men are most commonly embarrassed about is erectile dysfunction – however, it is a really commonly occurring condition, and a lot of people suffer from it. Improving the production of nitric oxide, and thereby testosterone is one of the things that Total Enhance Rx claims to do, reducing the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.
  • May improve muscle mass and strength: Given that this is a testosterone enhancing product, the other advantages with higher levels testosterone such as stronger muscles, better stamina and strength, and more energy are also benefitting that could occur from the consumption of Total Enhance Rx.

If you want a wider perspective on whether this product is suitable for you, continue reading this Total Enhance Rx review to understand the product better!

What are the main disadvantages of Total Enhance Rx?

  • For those who are commonly allergic to substances, they should be aware that Total Enhance Rx contains brown rice flour, which a number of people are allergic to.
  • While the main active ingredients have been listed above, the supplement contains a plethora of other ingredients which may have interactions with any medications that the person is taking or contraindications with treatment for prior conditions. It may also increase the chances of side effects.
  • It should not be consumed by children.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a product that will help boost the levels of testosterone in your body and thereby improve your sexual function, then Total Enhance Rx is a choice you can consider. While it is priced nominally, it must be kept in mind that some of the ingredients in Total Enhance Rx are common allergens, and should you be allergenic to any of those substances, you should not consume this product. This product is strictly not recommended for children.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Total Enhance Rx

Q. What are the dosage instructions for Total Enhance Rx?

Two pills of Total Enhance Rx a day with a meal and with water should be consumed. While the manufacturer does not make any specific distinction of what time of the day it should be consumed, ideally it is better to take it in the morning. Ensure that you do not exceed the limits prescribed under the recommended dosage. If you have any specific queries on whether the dosage is safe for you to take, it is advised that you consult your physician.

Q. How much does the product cost?

You can purchase the product for 69$ on the website of the manufacturer for a supply of a month.

Q. Is there a return policy or a free trial?

There is a 180-day money-back guarantee that you can avail by contacting the customer service. There is however no free trial or samples.