Trae Young Injury Update: What Really Happened to Trae Young?

by Moore Martin

Trae Young Injury Update

Trae Young Injury Update

Introduction: A Setback for the Atlanta Hawks

In the fast-paced world of professional basketball, unexpected injuries can drastically alter the course of a team’s season. This proved true for the Atlanta Hawks when their star point guard, Trae Young, faced a significant setback during a game against the Toronto Raptors. Let’s delve into the details of Trae Young’s injury and its implications for both him and his team.

Name Trae Young
Date of Birth September 19, 1998
Age 25
Place of Birth Lubbock, Texas, U.S.
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight 164 lb (74 kg)
Position Point Guard
Team Atlanta Hawks
College University of Oklahoma

Understanding Trae Young’s Injury

Trae Young, known for his agility and skill on the court, suffered a torn ligament in his left hand during a match against the Toronto Raptors. This pivotal moment not only halted his immediate participation in games but also raised concerns about his long-term availability for the Atlanta Hawks.

Trae Young Stats

2018–19 Atlanta 81 81 30.9 .418 .324 .829 3.7 8.1 .9 .2 19.1
2019–20 Atlanta 60 60 35.3 .437 .361 .860 4.3 9.3 1.1 .1 29.6
2020–21 Atlanta 63 63 33.7 .438 .343 .886 3.9 9.4 .8 .2 25.3
2021–22 Atlanta 76 76 34.9 .460 .382 .904 3.7 9.7 .9 .1 28.4
2022–23 Atlanta 73 73 34.8 .429 .335 .886 3.0 10.2 1.1 .1 26.2
Career 353 353 33.8 .437 .351 .876 3.7 9.3 1.0 .1 25.5
All-Star 3 2 16.4 .379 .316 2.7 9.0 .7 .0 9.3

The Impact

The repercussions of Trae Young’s injury reverberated throughout the Hawks’ organization. As the team’s primary scorer and assists leader, his absence left a noticeable void on the court. With Young sidelined for a minimum of four weeks due to necessary surgery, the Hawks faced the daunting task of reconfiguring their gameplay strategies and redistributing responsibilities among the roster.

The Ramifications for the Atlanta Hawks

At the time of Trae Young’s injury, the Atlanta Hawks were positioned in the tenth spot in the Eastern Conference, with playoff aspirations driving their performance. However, his absence posed a formidable challenge to the team’s playoff ambitions. The Hawks needed to maintain momentum and secure victories to solidify their postseason contention, despite the absence of their star player.

Adapting to Change

In the wake of Trae Young’s injury, the Hawks underwent a period of adjustment and adaptation. Dejounte Murray emerged as a central figure, tasked with assuming the role of the primary point guard. Additionally, players such as Bogdan Bogdanovic were called upon to elevate their scoring contributions, while younger talents like Kobe Bufkin seized the opportunity to showcase their abilities on the court.

Trae Young: A Trailblazing Talent

Trae Young’s journey in basketball began long before his professional career with the Atlanta Hawks. Hailing from Lubbock, Texas, he displayed prodigious talent during his high school years, garnering attention for his exceptional performances on the court.

College Stardom

Young’s trajectory continued to ascend during his collegiate tenure at the University of Oklahoma. Renowned for his scoring prowess and playmaking abilities, he made indelible marks on the NCAA basketball landscape, earning accolades and recognition for his remarkable achievements.

Professional Ascendance

Upon entering the NBA, Trae Young wasted no time in making his mark. Despite facing initial challenges and adjustments, he quickly established himself as one of the league’s premier talents, earning multiple All-Star selections and solidifying his status as a dynamic playmaker.

Conclusion: Navigating Challenges and Embracing Resilience

Trae Young’s injury served as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of professional sports. However, adversity often serves as a catalyst for growth and adaptation. As Trae Young embarks on his journey to recovery, the Atlanta Hawks must rally together, demonstrating resilience and unity in the face of adversity.


  1. Who is Trae Young?
    Trae Young is a professional basketball player known for his tenure with the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA.
  2. What Happened to Trae Young?
    Trae Young sustained a torn ligament in his left hand during a game against the Toronto Raptors.
  3. What injury did Trae Young suffer?
    Trae Young suffered a torn ligament in his left hand.
  4. How did Trae Young sustain the injury?
    The injury occurred during a game against the Toronto Raptors.
  5. What is the expected recovery time for Trae Young?
    Trae Young is expected to be out for at least four weeks.

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