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Explainer video have emerged as a unique tool over the years. In the world of automation and online presence, people have started relying on the prowess of explainer video. They feel more at bay while buying something from a video instead of a text description. It is more engaging and attracts more people.

However, since this field has attracted significant momentum, it has witnessed some roaring trends. Video marketing has become an intrinsic part of 2021, where people are glued to their screens, operating work schedules, social media, and e-magazines.


The different trends are listed below.

1. Animated explainer videos

Animation has always had its influence on people. When we watch an animated video, we instantly turn our undivided attention to it. The bright colours and the interesting characters are hard to avoid. An example to emphasise this is the Mr. Clean mascot owned by Procter and Gamble.

This animated hero rose in 1958 and still maintains its relevance to this day. Mr. Clean is still embedded in people’s memories. Hence, animated videos are consistently growing owing to social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Animated videos are set to rise in 2021 because numerous companies are adopting this technique. These videos help in promoting products and educating the consumers.

2. More live video streaming

Live streaming is an impeccable method of interacting with the audience. Instagram and other platforms have popularised this technique and allowed users to get a peek into the lives of different brands. It enables a more personal touch in the business world. It has also entered the fitness dimension, and yoga instructors and other teachers have taken to live streaming to propagate their teachings. The public loves to see a natural aspect of their lives logs into these sessions.

Moreover, they feel more connected to influencers, brands, and celebrities by signing up for these videos. Huda Kattan had gone live with Bella Hadid in 2021, which lured significant traction. Hence it is safe to say that live streaming will popularise further in 2021.

3. 360-degree videos

Since the pandemic has been upon us, 360-degree videos have become increasingly helpful. It employs a camera that can be rotated 360 degrees to capture the essence of the space. Virtual home tours are making use of this newfangled technology.

Forecast reports stated that 360-degree videos would make their way into the market as it offers a more immersive experience. It is a virtual try-on experience. People feel more at ease by trying a product before acquiring it.

These videos intend to provide that experience. Brand loyalties have significantly augmented since they started endorsing this experience. A great example of 360-degree videos is the advertisement by Hongkong airlines.

4. Shoppable videos

Shoppable videos are a concoction of numerous products from the latest collections where the consumers can acquire these merely by clicking on the product they like. This will direct to the shopping section where they can select a size and color of their choosing.

These are also set to become popular in 2021 because it is an instantaneous shopping experience and dodges hassle. Moreover, after watching the ad, people can click on the redirected page instead of manually searching for the product.


These are some explainer video trends that are set to rise in 2021.

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