Valuing and Rewarding Your Employees with a Party

by Carter Toni

Your business has been through a lot over the last few months, and possibly even over the last few years. Your employees have been there for you, they have been your support system, and they have made your business what it is today. Showing your employees that you respect them, appreciate them, and value them is essential. Organizing and throwing a party can give your employees a chance to let their hair down and enjoy themselves, and it can also foster positive employee relations. So, now that you know a party is the way forward, what should you be thinking about, and most importantly, what should you be planning?

The Location is Important

Holding a party at your business’s locationor office, can sound appealing, but it is not the best thing to do. Employees spend enough time at your business premises, so why not give them the opportunity to enjoy somewhere new. Taking employees off-site and allowing them to really let their hair down is going to be positive for your business and for your employees’ mental health and well-being. When it comes to choosing a suitable location, it is important to ensure that the venue, or location, is accessible, especially if your employees have to make their own way to the party.

A Tailored Party

Your employees deserve the best that you can afford, so why not focus on creating a tailored party, showing them how much you care and value them. A tailored party would feature superb catering to cater to most, if not all taste buds, and private bartenders to create and mix drinks while your employees (the guests) wait. A tailored party would suit your employees’ personalities, and it would give them time to really unwind and relax. Hosting a tailored party is easier to do if you seek your employee’s input. Show them that you listen and that you value them.

Crunching the Numbers

Let’s face facts; parties do not come cheap. Having a healthy budget to hold a great party is what you need to be thinking about and focusing on. A good party will foster positive employee relations. When employees are positive and enthusiastic, they will contribute more to your business. So, think about how much you value their contribution and input. Create a budget, and stick to it, where you can, but do not organize the whole party around a fixed budget, because if you do this, you may find you have to make compromises that will ultimately affect how well the party goes.

Investing in Your Employees

Your employees need to feel valued, and they need to feel appreciated. Organizing and hosting a party is a good way to make sure that all employees feel appreciated and valued. After the party has ended, you still need to focus on investing your time and your business resources into your employees, ensuring that they are happy and content. When employees are content, and happy, they are certainly more productive. Enthusiastic and positive employees will value your business, and they will want to contribute towards pushing it forwards.

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