The guide offers information on the completely new Verizon Free SMS Scam that is targeting lots of users in the usa.

Scammers target mobile users throughout within the U . s . States via fraudulent emails and texts. Verizon is easily the most well-known mobile phone network in the usa and it has countless customers across the nation.

Scammers are attempting to swindle Verizon customers by delivering fake texts claiming to provide them a motivation and free offer in return for poor and weak signals within the last month. Similar texts are sent to users who claim that they’ll receive rewards for that payment of the last month’s charges.

You are worried and also find out more concerning the Verizon free message scam.

What’s Verizon Message Scam?

Verizon messages scam the most recent scam that’s circulating through texts and causing trouble for numerous Verizon customers throughout all over the U . s . States. Scammers are delivering fake texts to customers around the Verizon network through the U . s . States.

The content contains the specific individual who received it as well as an untrustworthy hyperlink. The content claims to own recipient freebies and rewards in return for signal strength from the network, that is weak and weak within the month of September 2021.

Similar messages of scam are delivered to customers, soliciting these to follow the link that seems suspicious to supply their information and claim reward points during the last bill payment.

So How Exactly Does the Verizon Free Message Scam Look?

The fake texts seem to be from reliable network providers for example Verizon. It addresses the recipient by their names, and it is caused by leaks of information on you. The content can also be designed to appear genuine.

The content reads “Verizon Free message: Sorry concerning the Signal Problems with 15th September “Recipient Name!” Here’s is nothing Compensation for you personally. The content includes a questionable link at the end, and also the user is requested to click the connect to claim their rewards along with other gifts.

But, they ought to not follow or click any link supplied by this scam. Verizon Free Scam Message. The content is distributed by having an unknown phone number “1860-996-2595.”

It states “Thanks for the Payment” Appreciate your payment. Please accept the special rebate of $200 by clicking the hyperlink below.

What’s Verizon Completed to Aware Users?

Verizon continues to be alerted to a different scam phishing text directed at the loyal Verizon customers. The written text message enticing scammers entices you after which redirects these to third-party websites to have their information in order to inject infections to their systems.

Verizon doesn’t send any email or texts requesting details about your individual details or accounts information. Therefore, if your customer receives an e-mail for their mobile, they have to not react to it and delete the content. Verizon free Message Fraud and take away the content. Here are a couple of important actions that Verizon will need their customer to follow along with.

  • Don’t react to emails or texts from scammers.
  • Don’t click random URLs.
  • Avoid opening or hitting attachments.
  • Don’t divulge any personal or data information online owned by a 3rd party.


Text scams which are phishing have grown to be well-known and therefore are targeting loyal customers on mobile systems. Verizon clients are complaining concerning the fraudulent texts which claim that they’ll reward poor signal quality. But, there isn’t any confirmed by Verizon concerning the reward program that’s free for signals that aren’t good.

Therefore, consumers must avoid this Verizon Free Message Scam. Also, you need to learn regarding the easiest method to guard yourself from scams.

Are you currently an Verizon customer and also have received texts from the fraudster? Please be aware within the comments section what steps you’ve come to report the scam.