VPS vs. Shared Hosting – What’s the Best Hosting Plan?

by Carter Toni

Both VPS and shared hosting packages represent a good alternative when someone tries to create the first website. You might have heard virtual servers are more powerful, but what is exactly the difference?

Each category has its own pros and cons, so the final decision should be made based on your situation. Below we’ll break down the key differences and see all the features!

Resource Allocation

When it comes to shared hosting, you can imagine renting a single room into an apartment. Although you have your own space, you’re forced to share it with others. On the other hand, renting a VPS is like renting an entire apartment. You still have neighbors in the block, but nobody can come and step in your zone.

A shared hosting plan forces you to have strict limits and it’s not as secure as a virtual server. Investing into virtualization means you’re isolated from others and you get more space and processing power. This allows you to expand operations and offer better UX for customers.

Server Management

With a shared hosting package, you’re not obligated to take care of the technical maintenance. On the contrary, the whole responsibility is on the provider. The company you choose needs to install, monitor the server and guarantee a good uptime.

A VPS package is harder to manage, because it requires technical knowledge. The good news is you can customize the apps and configure the settings to get exactly what you want. If you struggle with a technical issue, you probably will invest into management services.


Since a VPS is based on root access, you’re more in control of the resources. These hosting plans are similar to dedicated servers, because you can install your own OS and execute commands. Shared hosting has limits over the setups and it’s not a convenient option for developers.


Nowadays, visitors’ expectations are much higher compared to the 90’s. They notice immediately if your website loads fast or not and make their purchase decision based on the same factor. Google also aims to provide half-second load time, meaning it’s critical to choose powerful hosting services to stay in the first page. At this chapter, VPS hosting is far superior and brings processing power that’s not available in the shared hosting.


As you may have guessed, a shared hosting plan is cheaper in comparison with a virtual server. However, the higher price comes with benefits and additional features. In other words, this shouldn’t be the main factor to keep in mind. Even if you have a tight budget, you can find a VPS plan below 10$/month.

How to choose your hosting plan?

With a shared hosting plan, you get all the resources needed to start a basic website or blog. A VPS is much faster and offers more security advantages, being recommended even for online stores and similar businesses. The only objection when you make this choice would be the price. To get the best experience, Host-World.com offer you VPS plans starting at just 3.99$/month!

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