What Happened to Gerry Turner’s Wife, Toni, and How Did She Pass Away?

by Moore Martin

How Did Gerry Turner Wife Toni Die

Gerry Turner, known as the Golden Bachelor, experienced a profound loss in 2017 when his beloved wife, Toni, succumbed to a bacterial infection that severely affected her liver and kidneys. This tragic event left Gerry and their family devastated.

The Heartbreaking Loss of Toni, Gerry Turner’s Wife

Gerry Turner, the charismatic star of “The Golden Bachelor,” shared an extraordinary love story with his wife, Toni. Their journey began in high school, and they enjoyed 43 blissful years of marriage. However, tragedy struck in 2017 when Toni fell seriously ill due to a bacterial infection that targeted her liver and kidneys. Gerry, their daughters, and grandchildren were left heartbroken by her untimely passing. The pain of losing Toni was immeasurable for Gerry, and her absence was deeply felt in their home.

Name Gerry Turner
Age 72 years old
Location Indiana, USA
Occupation Retired Restaurateur
Family Married to Toni for 43 years; Two daughters, Two granddaughters
Show “The Golden Bachelor” – First senior-aged Bachelor
Hobbies Hosting barbecues, playing pickleball, and cheering on favorite sports teams.

Moving Forward After Tragedy

Following Toni’s passing, Gerry found it incredibly challenging to continue living in the house they had envisioned for their retirement. In his darkest hours, he found solace and support from his loving daughters and granddaughters, who cherished him deeply. Encouraged by his family, Gerry decided to embark on a new journey by joining “The Golden Bachelor” show. Although no one can ever replace Toni, his loved ones wanted to see him find happiness once more. Gerry entered this new chapter in his life with hope and excitement.

Discovering Gerry Turner

Gerry Turner, a warm-hearted and spirited individual, currently resides in Indiana at the age of 72. His zest for life is undeniable, and he resides in a picturesque lakefront residence. Gerry enjoys various activities, including hosting barbecues, playing pickleball, and passionately supporting his favorite Chicago sports teams. In 2023, he made headlines as the inaugural star of “The Golden Bachelor,” a television series where he aims to rekindle his search for love and share his golden years with a special someone.

Gerry Turner’s Remarkable Career

Before retiring, Gerry Turner had a successful career as a restaurateur. As a restaurateur, he was responsible for overseeing various aspects of running a restaurant, from managing staff to planning the menu and ensuring a delightful dining experience for customers. After a fulfilling career in the restaurant industry, Gerry chose to retire, dedicating more time to his interests and cherished moments with family and friends.

The Importance of Family in Gerry’s Life

Gerry Turner holds his family in the highest regard. He and Toni were married for 43 years and raised two daughters, Angie and Jenny. Moreover, Gerry is a proud grandfather to Charlee and Payton. Toni’s passing in 2017 was an emotional ordeal for the entire family. However, their unwavering support for Gerry during his grieving process was crucial. Gerry’s daughters played a pivotal role in motivating him to participate in “The Golden Bachelor,” a journey of self-discovery and newfound hope.

Introducing “The Golden Bachelor”

“The Golden Bachelor” is a captivating TV show that made its debut in September 2023. The show stars Gerry Turner and follows his quest for love and companionship in his golden years. Gerry’s participation as the first senior-aged man in this unique Bachelor spinoff sets a new precedent for older individuals seeking love. The show’s primary focus is on mature individuals and their pursuit of romance.

Gerry’s enthusiasm for this opportunity is palpable, and he firmly believes that love knows no age limits. He eagerly anticipates the chance to meet someone special. “The Golden Bachelor” provides a platform for Gerry, a retired restaurateur, to search for a new partner to share his life with. The show highlights Gerry’s vibrant personality, showcasing his love for sports, outdoor activities, and quality time with loved ones.

A New Chapter in Gerry Turner’s Life

Gerry’s optimism and willingness to embrace this unique dating adventure have made him the show’s first-ever Golden Bachelor, ushering in an exciting new phase in his life. With 22 women vying for his affection, Gerry is hopeful about finding a partner who complements his spirit and enriches his golden years. The show’s premiere is highly anticipated, and fans are eager to witness Gerry’s heartfelt journey towards love once more.

Understanding Toni’s Passing

Toni, the cherished wife of Gerry Turner, passed away in 2017 due to a bacterial infection that targeted her liver and kidneys. This devastating infection swiftly deteriorated her health, leading to her untimely demise. Gerry was deeply affected by the sudden loss of his beloved Toni, and her absence left a profound void in his life. With the unwavering support of his family, he has been working diligently to heal from this heartbreaking experience.


1. Who is Gerry Turner?

Gerry Turner is a 72-year-old resident of Indiana and the star of the TV show “The Golden Bachelor.” He is searching for love after the passing of his beloved wife, Toni.

2. What led to the passing of Gerry Turner’s wife, Toni?

Toni, Gerry’s wife, passed away in 2017 due to a bacterial infection that affected her liver and kidneys.

3. When did “The Golden Bachelor” premiere?

“The Golden Bachelor” premiered in September 2023.

4. What was Gerry Turner’s career before retiring?

Gerry was a restaurateur before retiring, overseeing various aspects of restaurant management.

5. How many daughters does Gerry Turner have?

Gerry has two daughters, Angie and Jenny.

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