What really is New on Netflix in July 2022?

by Glenn Maxwell

Buckle up, because things are about to get…weird. Almost halfway thru the sh*tshow that is 2022, we were beginning to feel a little more normal, but the head honchos at Netflix HQ have dashed our hopes by dumping another delectable round of binge-worthy content of the weird variety. The enormous dawg smorgasbord of movies, shows, and films that the streamer has dumped this July is among the best in recent memory, set to empty our brains and square our eyes. Netflix isn’t putting all of its eggs in one basket, from the blockbuster final season of Stranger Things to whatever the f*ck How to Build a Sex Room is. Buckle up, because this is what’s new on netflix july 2022 leaving.

New Netflix series premieres are the reason people come to the streaming service in the first place. This month brings a slew of weird new releases, led by a blockbuster sci-fi season finale. Here are the finest new Netflix series set to premiere in July 2022.

Netflix's movies 2022 action

Stranger Things 4: The Second Season

The big one has arrived. Part 2 of Stranger Things Season 4 arrives on Netflix after months of anticipation and an interrupted split season. Will Steve withstand the bites of his

upside-down creature? Can Max escape the Vecna curse? Will we ever get tired of hearing Kate Bush’s song? Everything will be unveiled on July 1 when the final season hits the streaming service.

How to Build a Sex Room

Colour us intrigued. Netflix’s unusual series takes us long, hard, and deep into the strange underworld of sex dungeons. How to Build a Sex Room, helmed by designer Melanie Rose, offers helpful hints on how to style and create your fornication stronghold. Consider it a pervert’s version of Better Homes and Gardens – Better Homes and Hard-Ons, it what you will.

The Longest Night

Six episodes in a single night. That is precisely the tagline for Netflix’s movies 2022 action carnage. To be honest, it appears to be very sick. Armed men encircle a psychiatric institution and cut all off communication in an attempt to apprehend serial killer Simon Lago. It seems especially murderous.

Boo, Bitch!

Netflix is no stranger to creepy teen humour, but Boo, Bitch may be a step too far. In this afterlife-themed anime, two BFFs make one last desperate try to become famous, but everything goes very wrong when one of them becomes a ghost. It’s not clear why she became a ghost, but we’re presuming in the usual’s died’ fashion.

King of Stonks

Netflix is providing us more of what we want by using the Gamestop saga ever hazy insider trading scenario the Dogefather has going on. STONKS. AND MANY OF THEM. This shows coming out in july 2022 depicts a bottom loser with enormous goals who use lies, frauds, and scams to propel his ostensibly legitimate company into the sky. BUY EARLY. SELL FAST.

Hurts Like Hell

It’s no secret that the underbelly of Muay Thai fighting is seedier than that of most organized sports, but we haven’t gone into it in depth until now. Netflix series 2022 intends to change that. Hurts Like Hell examines the sport’s vast illegal gambling and game problems while presenting the shady stories of the boxers involved. It is based on true occurrences.

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