What Season was Demi Burnett on the Bachelor? Who is Demi Burnett?

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What Season was Demi Burnett on the Bachelor

What Season was Demi Burnett on the Bachelor


Demi Burnett is a name that many Bachelor fans recognize, thanks to her memorable appearances on the hit reality dating show. In this article, we’ll delve into Demi Burnett’s Bachelor journey, her subsequent appearances on Bachelor in Paradise, and much more. Let’s uncover the details about the season in which Demi Burnett made her mark on The Bachelor.

Demi Burnett’s Bachelor Adventure

Demi Burnett first appeared on our screens during Season 23 of The Bachelor. This season featured Colton Underwood, a former professional football player and charity founder, as the lead. Demi quickly became a standout contestant, known for her lively personality and captivating presence. While her journey on The Bachelor was remarkable, she didn’t end up winning Colton’s heart, as she was eliminated in week 6.

Bachelor in Paradise: Season 6

Demi’s Bachelor journey didn’t end there. She made her return to reality TV by joining the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise in August 2019. This time, she found love and even got engaged. Her journey on Bachelor in Paradise showcased her resilience and determination.

Return for Season 7

Demi Burnett’s story continued on Bachelor in Paradise as she returned for Season 7. However, her journey in this season was not as smooth as before, as she faced elimination in Week 3. Despite the challenges, Demi’s presence added excitement and drama to the show, making her a fan favorite.

More About Demi Burnett

Demi Burnett’s time on The Bachelor coincided with a challenging period in her personal life. Her mother was serving a prison sentence for conspiracy to commit bank fraud during her Bachelor stint. This personal struggle added depth to Demi’s character on the show.

Relationship with Kristian Haggerty

During her time on Bachelor in Paradise, Demi surprised viewers by revealing that she was casually dating a woman named Kristian Haggerty. Kristian joined the show, making them the franchise’s first same-sex on-air couple. Their engagement during the season was a significant moment in Bachelor history, although their relationship unfortunately ended in October 2019.

Demi Burnett Films



2019 The Bachelor 23
2019 The Bachelorette 15
2019 Bachelor in Paradise 6
2019 Dancing with the Stars
2020 The Bachelor 24
2020 WWE Raw
2021 The Celebrity Dating Game
2021 Bachelor in Paradise 7
2023 Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2
2024 The Bachelor 28

Embracing Autism Spectrum Disorder

In February 2022, Demi Burnett disclosed that she had been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and expressed her preference for being referred to as “autistic.” This revelation marked a significant moment in her personal journey and garnered support from fans and the autism community.

Demi Burnett’s Age and Background

Demi Burnett, born on February 21, 1995, is currently 28 years old. Hailing from Red Oak, Texas, she has become well-known through her appearances on reality TV shows like The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Beyond her television endeavors, Demi openly discusses her personal life, including her experiences with relationships and her recent revelation about being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of 28.

Special Comeback: Jubilee Sharpe and Demi Burnett

In a recent episode of The Bachelor, Demi Burnett and Jubilee Sharpe, both known for their appearances on the franchise, made a special comeback. They hosted a boot camp as part of a group date for contestant Joey Graziadei. While Jubilee appeared on The Bachelor Season 20, Demi was a contestant on Colton Underwood’s Season 23 and found love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6. Their presence added a mix of nostalgia and “tough love” to the current season, leaving a lasting impression on The Bachelor once again.


Demi Burnett’s journey in the world of reality TV, from The Bachelor to Bachelor in Paradise and beyond, has been filled with ups and downs. Her vibrant personality and openness about her personal struggles have endeared her to fans. As she continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry, we look forward to following her adventures and cheering her on.


  1. Who is Demi Burnett?
    Demi Burnett, born on February 21, 1995, is an American TV personality who gained national fame as a contestant on season 23 of The Bachelor.
  2. What Season was Demi Burnett on the Bachelor?
    Demi Burnett was on The Bachelor during Season 23.
  3. How old is Demi Burnett now?
    Demi Burnett is currently 28 years old.
  4. What other reality show did Demi participate in?
    Demi won Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise.
  5. Did Demi get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise?
    Yes, Demi got engaged to Kristian Haggerty during the show. Visit – NewsPSP | NewsDekha

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